Adjusting to College

I just completed my first month in college, and it was different than what I had been used to before. I grew up in New York City. Adjusting to Oxford, Georgia was difficult. The environment was much quieter and more isolated, and there wasn’t much to do on or off campus on a weekday. The people that I have met have allowed me to realize that life from different parts of America is different. People in the South are accustomed to a slow-paced life and being friendly to everyone they see, something very different from back at home.

One of the biggest things that everyone soon noticed was how people talk differently depending on where they are from. These differences were noticeable from the different pronunciations of anything from “water” to “carrot” and the slang from different places. I met a lot of people in my first few weeks from Oxford. The ways we bonded were very different from high school. In college, my friends became my support system because I no longer have my family in close proximity to me.

I can only look forward to my next two years at Oxford as I will continue to meet new people and learn about different places that people come from.