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8 Things We Take for Granted About Coming Home

1. Showering without shower shoes.

Communal showers are great because you don’t have to clean them, but god forbid any part of your body gets close to the walls.

2. 24/7 access to food.

Late at night cravings satisfied with a simple walk to the kitchen. Not having to worry about dining hall hours is an absolute plus.

3. Home-cooked meals.

Home-cooked meals when being at home used to be boring and overplayed. Now being in college, all I crave are my mom’s rice and black beans with some pollo in fricase.

4. Laundry access.

Not having to worry about Andrea from down the hall taking out your laundry or for there to be no open dryers to use when your clothes are soaked.

5. A private bathroom.

There’s nothing better than being able to go to the bathroom in peace. There’s just something about not having to use a seat cover that really satisfies the soul.

6. The bed.

Not having to crawl up using a stool to get on that super uncomfortable bed. No amount of mattress toppers or padding can be as good as your own good old bed.

7. Parents.

Sometimes they can be overwhelming to have around, but they mean well. Having those people who push you and remind you of why you’re in college in the first place is a blessing and depending on how you’re doing in school sometimes a curse.

8. Just being home.

Walking into a place where you know the things around you. Not having to turn on the GPS trying to reach the nearest Target down the street. Being able to recognize the people working at the mall or just enjoying the scent of your home.

Hello there! My name is Barbara Marin as a double major in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Oxford College of Emory University have motivated me to strive to bridge the gap between underprivileged communities and the health disparities within the United States by promoting social justice through medical advocacy.
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