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3 Ways to Make Money in College

If you’ve ever seen any memes about college students, they’re usually about being broke or being drunk. Personally, I was tired of not having money I could spend on whatever I wanted, so I spent some time looking into the perfect jobs and ways to earn money as a college student!

1. Being a tutor on Chegg

If you have the patience to work with students and are willing to share your knowledge, Chegg is perfect for you! All you need is proof that you attend or have graduated college and that you speak English. Once you are accepted as a tutor, you can choose what areas you want to tutor in and begin working with students! Science and Math tutors tend to get the most students, but as an English, French, and History tutor, I usually make between $100-$600 a week based on how often I am online, how many students need help, and the time I am putting into lessons based on my availability. Since you don’t need to leave your room and simply need to keep the tab open to hear when a student requests help, Chegg is perfect for college students!

2. Sell Old Books and Other Items

I’m known to be a bit of a hoarder, but when I learned that I could sell my old things and make money, I was willing to get rid of anything I wasn’t using! Books can normally be sold to bookstores or by getting an online quote and shipping them to whichever company gave you the highest quote! Technology can be sold to GameStop or BestBuy for cash or gift cards. 

3. Dog-Sitting and Babysitting

Babysitting has long been known as being a gig for high school and college students in order to make some money, but if you just don’t have the patience to deal with kids screaming in your ear, you can always dog-sit! Websites like Rover allow you to create a profile after completing a background check, and dog owners looking for sitters will be able to contact you! The great thing about Rover, which I am on, is that you set your own rates, and can even offer to pick up dogs or to wash them for a certain price! However, you will need to live somewhere that allows animals!

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