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10 Gifs to Describe Having a Guy Best Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxford Emory chapter.

1. You can rant and he’ll never judge, he’ll just sit and take the yelling in without getting offended

2. He knows how guys work, aka perfect opportunity to talk about your guy troubles

3. You can be gross around him

4. People will think he’s your boyfriend

5. Or brother, since he’ll always be overprotective

6. He will actually tell you when you’re wrong

7. Your family will lowkey hope you get married to him

8. Friends will keep asking if you’re into him

9. You can always marry him if you’re both 40 and single

10. He’ll take your secrets to the grave

Writing for Her Campus, alongside being the Senior Editor of the Emory chapter, strengthens my creativity and ability to teach others. It spills into my professional life by emphasizing my capabilities to motivate, inspire, and learn from my peers.