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Your Zodiac Sign as a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Character

Schitt’s Creek checks off all the boxes for me for a perfect TV show: witty dialogue, never-ending laughs, and an unapologetically Canadian way of looking at things. Let’s see what character from this iconic sitcom you match up with the most—astrology style!


David Rose - Schitt\'s Creek
Schitt\'s Creek / GIPHY

Aries: David Rose

Your perfectionist and fiery personality does not tolerate anything not on your moodboard. When you have an idea (take a high-end, artisan gift shop for example) in your head, you will run with it and make it beyond successful. What you will not deal with? Anything that comes out of Blouse Barn. Mm, eat glass! :)



Bob Currie - Schitt\'s Creek
CBC / Giphy

Taurus: Bob Currie

My dear Taurus—you love the simple, comfortable life just like poor ol’ Bob. Having your significant other make you a nice dinner is a DREAM date, and playing poker with your friends is your kind of party. People may assume you’re plain or ditzy, but they underestimate your skills.



Alexis Rose - Schitts Creek
Schitt\'s Creek / Giphy

Gemini: Alexis Rose

You are the life of the party and talk of the town wherever you land, Gemini. Who else can get into Diddy’s white party and date all three Hanson brothers? Jokes aside, growth and transformation are your main goals and to become the best #ladyboss you can be. Be true to yourself and always be ~a little bit Alexis~.



Ted Mullins - Schitts Creek
CBC / Giphy

Cancer: Ted Mullins

Puns and jokes show your light-heartedness and playful nature. You connect with animals more than you do with humans sometimes! When you enter a relationship, you put your all into it – sometimes placing others’ needs before your own. Just remember that self-care is all too important for a sweet Cancer like you!



Moira Rose - Schitts Creek
CBC / Giphy

Leo: Moira Rose

Dear Leo, you were born for the stage just like Moira Rose. Planning elaborate events such as cabaret nights or ‘Allez-Vous’ parties is your forté, and you never put up with the pale-faced salamander haters. Some may say you are a little bit overdramatic, but they are probably just jealous of your exquisite taste in cashmere. And we all know you love a ~resplendent~ wig.



Jocelyn - Schitts Creek
Schitt\'s Creek / Giphy

Virgo: Jocelyn

Cats, wine, and cheese—that’s your vibe, Virgo. Leadership roles come naturally to you with your humble confidence and organizational skills. On the outside, you may seem all put together and picture-perfect, but when people push too many buttons, the kitty sweater is OFF and HBIC isn’t playin’.



Patrick Brewer - Schitts Creek
CBC / Giphy

Libra: Patrick Brewer

Calm, serene, and always thoughtful Libra—you have found a spirit animal in Patrick. When there is ~chaotic~ energy, you are able to plant yourself in the middle and de-escalate any argument—even a truly heated Little League game. Grand romantic gestures (an impromptu love song??) come naturally to your generous spirit. Keep on living your best life and be true to yourself!



Stevie Budd - Schitts Creek
CBC / Giphy

Scorpio: Stevie Budd

Your sarcasm and dry wit is an unique, fundamental part of your vibe. Secret talents are under the surface (maybe you can actually sing), you just gotta be brave enough to show them off. Expressing your true feelings isn’t exactly your forte, but when ‘Schitt’ gets tough, you aren’t afraid to voice your opinions and back your friends. 



Ronnie Lee -  Schitts Creek
CBC / Giphy

Sagittarius: Ronnie Lee

Unproblematic, carefree Sagittariuses like Ronnie just keep on vibing no matter what. You don’t give an eff about what others think of you, but you will unleash your opinions bluntly. Don’t worry, you aren’t a bitch (even though the resting bitch face may apply)—you’re just keeping it real, honey. 



Johnny Rose - Schitts Creek
CBC / Giphy

Capricorn: Johnny Rose

To all the Caps out there—when I say you are all business, I mean that you are ALL business. When it comes to supporting yourself and the people you love, you will do everything in your power to stay afloat in this chaotic world. People distracting you from your ~journey~ may be annoying sometimes, but remember that you can both have fun and get some ‘Schitt’ done—Rose style.



Roland Schitt - Schitts Creek
CBC / Giphy

Aquarius: Roland Schitt

Unique? Check. Natural leadership skills? Check. Inability to eat fondue with silverware? Double check. Like Roland, you march to the beat of your own drum and have the utmost confidence in whatever you’re doing—even if you have no clue what that even is. Sometimes you can be a little dense (no, pansexual doesn’t mean a fetish for cookware), but people can’t help your lovable, homey charm.



Twyla Sands - Schitts Creek
Schitt\'s Creek / Giphy

Pisces: Twyla Sands

My sweet Pisces—you are a bundle of wide-ranging emotions. One comment about how awful your murder mystery parties are and your sensitivity goes into O V E R D R I V E. But on the other hand, when you feel joy you can’t help but let the whole town know. You may also find yourself connecting spiritually with your “psychic” powers—like the tarot card reading your mom’s convict ex-boyfriends taught you. :)

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