Yang Sherpa: Fashion at it's Finest

Yang Sherpa is one of Her Campus Oswego’s staff writers, and it is her first year as student at Oswego State. She stumbled across Her Campus through her good friend Vanessa who mentioned the cool women empowerment activities that Her Campus promotes. "After joining Her Campus, I couldn't think of a better place to meet a group of wonderful women," says Yang. The atmosphere during the Her Campus general meetings bring such warmth and gives ladies a chance to unwind after a long day of class. That's exactly what a busy college student like Yang needs.

Yang is planning on declaring a marketing major to fulfill her career aspiration of becoming a fashion coordinator. Yang said that she loves fashion so much that she's eager to work in the fashion industry for the rest of her life. She explained, “I just love all the creative things you can do with clothes. I love the most how what you wear can tell a story without you even having to say a word.” Yang's initial love for fashion started back at home in Nepal, where she was born.

As a little girl she would watch TV just like any other kid. What’s different about Yang is when she would watch the shows on TV, she would find herself paying more attention to the outfits the characters wore, rather than what was actually going on. Then she would try to recreate the outfits with whatever articles of clothing she had. When Yang became a teenager she was all about the latest trends. She knew she wanted to look good and she expressed all the fun she had while doing it. She has fond memories of visiting the malls in Nepal after school and picking out fashionable articles of clothing.Yang attended high school in Nepal. She reminisces saying, "I remember prom in Nepal. It wasn't as formal as prom in America. Yes, we did wear dresses but they were not, like, ballroom style.” Even though prom in Nepal wasn't as formal as prom in America, she still had fun preparing for it. She remembers asking her mom for money so that she could buy all the things she needed for prom night. Although the amount of money baffled Yang’s mom, she couldn't tell Yang no because she knew how important prom was to her. Out of all the events Yang dressed up for, she said prom was the most exciting.

I went on to ask Yang what inspired her own style. "Growing up I watched a lot of Bollywood songs and followed Bollywood celebrities on social media. Bollywood has totally influenced me to love fashion even more," she says. Now that she is older, Yang has admitted that her style has changed over the years. She described her style to be more on the simpler side. Her love for neutrals like gray, white, and navy make up most of her closet in the fall/winter season. Her go-to-outfit for the fall would have to be a rusty orange colored cardigan, paired with white stretchy, high waisted pants and chelsea boots. During the summer she is all for bright, vibrant colors that match the sunny days summer has to offer. When I asked her for a her best fashion tip, Yang answered easily. "Wear what's comfortable, try not to over do it. Simple is always cute and comfortable is always the way to go."