The Women Who've Inspired Me

There’s always talk of people who inspire us. It’s usually a list of celebrities and almost always has to somehow include our mothers, but that’s not really accurate for me. Yeah, my mom has taught me some wonderful things, but she’s been able to influence me my entire life. As for celebrities, I can appreciate the way they are portrayed, but I will never know the true person. This is a list of people I have been able to truly meet and experience their outlook on the world.


  1. My freshman year roommate: This babe is the queen of building people up. Her instagram is filled with photos of her friends that she takes while pulling them from one adventure to the next, and the focus is always on appreciating their beauty and friendship. She’s not about those edited, posed, stereotypical photos but rather fills her feeds with moments of pure joy and her family. Her notebook of doodles was always my favorite to look at because she was never mad at herself for something not turning out how she wanted, but rather was excited when something unexpected appeared on the page. She’s also the one who encouraged me to stop saving my stickers because you can always get more. Miss you, darling.

  2. My nonfiction writing professor: This wonderful woman always knows when we are having a collective mental breakdown as a class and just how long we need to rant before we can focus once more. She also puts up with our antics, which is hard to do, as this class has been accurately described as feeling like a “fever dream.” She can speak of rejection and growth with an understanding many lack in academics, and is always happy to share her tips and tricks. Her honesty is never harsh, knowing that we deserve to know the truth of the world but shouldn’t be discouraged. Plus, her sense of humor is unparalleled. Thanks for the brief moments of mental stability.

  3. My old friend with travel lust: This beauty is more than capable of making friends anywhere she goes due to her incredibly soft heart and big personality. She’s not afraid to get dirty, and has to try everything. Her optimism is unrivaled and you always feel loved when by her side. She’s the best cheerleader anyone could ask for and she’s got hundreds of people all over the country who still miss her to prove it. The world is at her fingers and she’s not afraid to take that college degree and say that all she wants is to work as a receptionist at a yoga studio. No job is too weird or out of reach for her. She’s proof that you can work in a diner, sell wedding dresses, change sheets, or live at Disneyland and still be happy and thriving. That big world job we all plan for isn’t always the best thing, and thank you for showing me what it’s like to have fun.


There’s many more that I could list due to the amazing women in my life, but today I wanted these three to know I noticed. These are lessons I’m still learning, and probably will need to remind myself of for years to come, but they resonated.


Look around you and appreciate the beauty of those women who have figured out their own happiness.