Why You Should Own a Tarot Deck

If you’re like me and Halloween is your absolute favorite time of the year, you’ve probably gone to some event and had someone in a costume with a sly smile read your tarot cards just for the hell of it. It’s entertaining, to say the least, and there’s always a chance that you will learn something that will actually benefit you (like how I should have saved money -- emphasis on the should have). Maybe you’re the kind of person who enjoys all kinds of witchy things since apparently all girls go through that phase at some point. Maybe you’re just very spiritual. Or maybe, you clicked on this article because you were bored and none of these apply to you so that works too.

No matter what level of interest you bring to the table, I recommend you at least consider getting yourself a deck or befriending someone who does.

My interest was piqued by the Vodka Aunt on my father’s side, who is every bit hippy and spiritual as you can get. It also helps that I’m a curious soul who wants as much information as she possibly can get. I’d be that idiot who would peek into their future and then screw it up. There has to be some level of interest in wanting to know things that draw you to tarot cards or readings.

First of all, you should own a tarot deck because it helps ease anxiety. Whenever you have something that is particularly difficult or has been weighing on your mind for an extended period of time, having a deck of cards that is seemingly aware of what is going on and can help guide you is a great feeling. Even if the only advice it offers is that you need to be strong and prepare, at least you have a warning. Also, it’s a great way to reassure yourself that everything will be okay in the end.

Having relationship problems? Ask the deck! It’s like this magical cure-all that can give you an answer to nearly everything if used properly and you aren’t expecting specifics. If anything, it will at least guide you in the right direction. Most recently, I was told to take a step back and focus on myself instead of attempting to rush into a relationship which was a smarter decision than what I had in mind. It’s kind of like having a best friend to discuss issues with. They can give you the honest truth, basically see the future, but can’t judge you -- and that’s always a plus.

If you have questions about the past or the future, you can ask. Maybe you’re wondering what happened for something to get as messed up as it has, and you have no idea where to start. The deck can help draw attention to things you may be missing.

As for the future, this one kind of goes back to the anxieties section. At the end of the day, the deck can help you figure out whether a certain path is for you.

I’ve never been one for horoscopes, since I find them too vague to fit anything. Astrology is entertaining and, though I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily inaccurate the majority of the time, I tend to argue with my horoscope… so that one might actually be on me. But still, when I say that I like tarot cards, I sound hypocritical, although I hope it encourages you to look into them.

If you’ve reached the end and still don’t want at least your cards read, I recommend a Halloween movie to get you in the right mindset and then read it again.