What it Means to Be in an Authentic Girl Gang

I throw around the term “girl gang” a lot when describing my current friend group (aka my HCOZ squad, who I am dedicating this article too). Every group picture that gets posted on social media usually has #girlgang somewhere in the caption.

But what does that really mean? Obviously, we aren’t a group of girls that are going to start fights and beat people up, like the word gang connotes (unless you mess with one of us… then it might be cause for finishing a fight).



From my own experience this past semester, this is what I have learned happens when you find yourself in a true and authentic girl gang:

Constant Support

You will always have someone to turn to or talk to. There will always be someone (or usually everyone) from that group who is ready to listen to what you have to say, and try and make you feel better in any way that they can. You’ll know that you’re never alone.


Endless Laughter

Whether it’s in person when you’re all hanging out, or from funny memes being sent in the group chat, the chances are high that you’ll get a lot of laughs with these people. Sometimes it’s not even intentional, which is usually cause for even more laughter than normal.


Lots of Notifications

Expect your phone to blow up most days. When you’re in a big friend group, chances are high that a lot of conversations will be happening. You’re not going to ever be mad or annoyed about it though, because these are your people and you love them.




Anytime you go out or do something really fun and exciting, expect there to be a lot of pictures taken. Also, expect to be tagged in the same photo like 10 times across all social media platforms. The world needs to know how much you love your #girlgang, OK?



Prepare to get hyped up all the time. Get an A on an exam? We’re gonna go OFF in the chat. Is your outfit of the day absolutely BOMB? We’re gonna shower you in compliments. Nothing but love for the ladies in your girl gang, always.


No Judgement

If your girl gang is true, you’re going to have a safe space to talk about anything, without fearing judgement. You wanna share a weird story from your childhood? Tell us. We’ll probably laugh, but we’re going to love you ten times more because of it.



Fond Memories

There will be an abundance of wonderful memories to carry with you for the rest of your life. You’re going to look back and think of all the great times you spent with your girl gang. Even if you can’t all be together forever, there will always be pictures to look at, and stories to share.



Your girl gang is going to be a lot more than a friend group. They’re your people, and it’s always going to feel infinitely right when you’re with them.