‘Tis the Sia: What to Expect From the Singer’s Holiday Album

Well, now that Halloween is over and done with, it’s officially time to get into the holiday spirit and spread that holiday cheer. Put your spooky playlist away until next year, and get ready to put on your ugly Christmas sweater and sit by the fire, because I’ve got a whole new playlist in store for you. As Christmas is quickly approaching, multiple artists have been in talks for releasing some cheery new music for the whole fam to listen to this season...and no, I’m not just talking about Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé.

Yeah, we’d love for Mariah to make another soulful Christmas record, and as much as we love Michael Bublé and his jazzy smooth voice, these singers are no strangers to the holiday scene. However, pop fans will want to keep their ears peeled this season because within the next week or so, they can expect holiday albums from the likes of Sia, Gwen Stefani, and even classic boy band, 98 Degrees. These artists are guaranteed to switch up the 2017 holiday scene by providing us with some jacked up jingles.

Who would’ve thought that we’d ever hear Sia and Christmas in the same sentence? Of course, while the pop star is accredited with having a number of hits, having a holiday hit would be quite a change for her, as her music tends to encompass an eccentricity and darkness like no other. Nonetheless, the Aussie has just recently dropped a single from her up and coming holiday album, and it sounds awfully familiar to a Christmas classic we all know and love (but also not really). Her new single, “Santa’s Coming For Us”, seems to be a slight ode to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, but is, of course, a whole lot more poppy, catchy, and dare I say, more cheery? Like any good ole’ holiday hymn, Sia’s got that subtle sound of sleigh bells ringing in the background as she completely just sleighs (see what I did there) the entire single. Rhythmically, the single ironically starts off slowly in a minor key, but the beat quickly picks up with happier notes that put you in a major(ly) merry mood.

This may be the singer’s first holiday song, but it is vocally no different from anything else she has ever released. Sia’s vocals are just as crisp in this catchy Christmas tune as they are in any other piece. Her “oh’s” and “da da da’s” are infectiously melodic throughout the track and make you want to tap your foot along or nod your head… or better yet, dance! And if her own articulated accents don’t get you moving, maybe the emphatic beat of the drums in the background will surely get you to, or perhaps you’ll jam out to the heavy jazzy riff of the guitar.      

“Santa’s Coming For Us” is just one of the ten original holiday songs that the producer’s record is going to feature. It’s the first track on Everyday Is Christmas amongst other tracks entitled “Candy Cane Lane”, “Puppies Are Forever”, and “Underneath the Mistletoe”. I don’t know about you, but if you ask me that one about puppies seems to be a rather promising piece.

If you can’t wait to fill your house, or college dorm, with some fresh and festive tunes, Everyday Is Christmas is scheduled for release on November 17th, just in time for the holidays!