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Scrapbook collage on top of lake view
Scrapbook collage on top of lake view
Original photos by Tiffany Marcial
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey is hitting extra different lately.

I miss summer. I spent the summer in Oswego working in the library and hanging out by the lake as much as possible. I took that peace for granted. Summer ended so abruptly and I didn’t even get to enjoy the last moments and say goodbye. I really loved being in Oswego when no students were here and when the weather was so beautiful. I honestly suggest that any college student spends at least one summer in their college town to actually appreciate and embrace it. 

What do I love about summer?

I love the weather of course and how the sun is always shining. I love the blue skies and how peaceful it is. The fresh smell of grass and just that summer feeling. During summer, you have no worries in the world besides if you have a job. You get to sleep until however late you want and wake up to a nice sunny day. If you’re fortunate enough you get to wake up and just go to the beach or in my case the lake. I love bodies of water and was happy to have spent this summer at Lake Ontario. Laying on a towel, the sun beaming on you, the relaxing sounds of the water, it puts me at peace and I love it. Getting to read on a nice sunny day that isn’t too hot was my favorite thing to do this summer besides being by the lake. 

Besides the beautiful weather and how relaxing it is, I love summer because of my birthday! July 21st, the one day a year I get to be 100% selfish and do whatever I want. I feel like summer speeds up after my birthday passes. After my birthday, it’s my mom’s birthday on August 1st, and then it’s already time for back-to-school season. I think that’s why I didn’t get to say goodbye to summer. After my mom’s birthday it was all a rush and sped up so fast that as soon as I knew it, I was already moving into my fall dorm.

I love summer, but now it’s time to love fall and all the festivities that come with it!

I'm Tiffany, a Marketing student at SUNY Oswego and one of our Her Campus at Oswego Campus Correspondent Fall 2023!