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As someone who routinely wears sweaters, jeans, and my hair in braids, I really shouldn’t be talking about having these really edgy style icons but these are the people I would be if I a) had the money, b) had the time, and c) was a little less self conscious. I’m a fan of those who really put themselves out there and have a distinct style.


1. Taylor Momsen

This girl was once Cindy Lou Who and then the wondrously awful Jenny Humphrey. Now she is the lead singer and frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless. Someday I’ll line my eyes with thick black eyeliner and invest in a pair of fishnets that I never remove. Maybe I’ll even buy the really awesome circular black sunglasses you can see her wear in a few photos. She’s got the edge, sophistication of a black dress, and the confidence to pull it off. An icon if I’ve ever seen one.


2. Sophie Rose Seddon

This girl was an Instagram discovery for me. She’s mastered layering, keeping an aesthetic, and the art of making t-shirts look dressed up. There’s fun patterns, embroidered jeans (my fav), and twenty pairs of black shoes. I just don’t understand how someone can look cute ALL THE TIME. Maybe it’s the funky pants, the mini skirts, the band t-shirts, or the space buns but I adore it. Follow Sophie on Instagram.


3. Ashley -- Best Dressed

This girl runs a wonderful YouTube channel that shows the creative ways you can approach building an outfit. She’s skilled at thrifting and repurposing clothing in order to make it look incredible. With her “picnic bitch” aesthetic and tendency toward cute dresses, she doesn’t entirely fit the edginess that I mentioned previously, but her ability to continuously maintain this look and to completely rock it means I need to include her. She has lace, silk, kickass heels and boots, and the greatest personality. Find her YouTube here.


Victoria graduated from SUNY Oswego with a double major in Economics and Creative Writing and a minor in Statistics. When not writing, she loves reading, hiking, and watching the weirdest movies she can find. Victoria also adores dogs and banana bread with chocolate chips.
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