Six Tips to Staying Safe this Halloween

As Halloween 2019 quickly approaches, some of the most festive activities are in full swing, such as pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and Halloween parties. However, everyone knows just how crazy these parties or bar trips can get on Halloween night, and for women, the struggle of keeping ourselves safe when going out on the town can become a lot more challenging. The last thing anyone needs on Halloween night is for the spooky to become the horrific reality. So, here are some tips for those of you looking to get treats and not tricks when you’re out: 

1. Have a plan for the night.

Are you going to Steve’s Halloween party and then heading out to the bars? Just going to Ferris and then heading to the Raven? Or are you just heading to Zack’s party and then heading home? Are you staying at Chelsea’s house or getting an Uber back to Cayuga? Having a plan so you can not only keep track of where the night is going but what you are doing and who you’re doing it with will make things much easier later on when you’ve had a few and need to figure out what’s going on. Something that also really helps with keeping track of things is what brings us to number two...

2. Use the buddy system.

This is obviously super important. Being able to keep track of who you came with, and them keeping track of you, is one of the most basic parts of girl code that makes sure you can end up somewhere safe at the end of the night. Another good idea is to text people you are not with where you and your friend(s) will be going in the event you need a ride or so they can find you in general. It also makes sure that if one of you begins to have too much to drink, you can cut the other person off and get them some water. On that note...

3. Eat candy and drink water.

You wouldn’t think that eating candy would be a recommended part of this list, but it totally is! Having some candy on hand to coat your stomach as you’re going through the night is extra helpful in helping stave out things like blacking out and pacing yourself with drinking. Chocolates are especially good at this. Of course, drinking water in between drinks or every two drinks is also essential to having fun, but keep your wits about you.

4. Wear a costume that has layers.

Yes, we all want to dress as a sexy cat or Jessica Rabbit, or even something not as sultry, like the Babadook. Whatever you are going to be, try to dress in layers. Having the ability to put on or take off a coat at your leisure that also goes with your costume will help you stay warm (or keep you cool) when you need to be. Hypothermia is real and being somewhere as cold and windy as Oswego, you need something extra to help when going from one bar to the next.

5. Know who the person under the mask/makeup is (or at least what they look like)

We all know that some people can put a spell on us on such a magical night like Halloween, and the best love potion out there is a rum & coke. However, if you have been following the tips beforehand, then you should be tipsy but still sober enough to be able to ask the name of the person you’re smooching. Knowing what they look like under their mask or even what they are wearing is important when telling your friend who you are with and if you’re going home with them.

6. Pack a purse with the essentials.

What are the essentials? I would classify them as the following: phone, credit/debit card, cash, ID, travel hand sanitizer, makeup wipes, and keys/pepper spray/something heavy. The first three are pretty explanatory, but makeup wipes (or even wet wipes in general) in the travel size can work wonders in an emergency. Same for the hand sanitizer: when that guy at the bar spills his beer on you, you’ll be grateful you didn’t have to wait in line for the bathroom and could just pull out your hand sanitizer to clean yourself off. As for the keys/pepper spray/something heavy, this is one of those tips that is helpful year round, and can be useful for anyone who needs to fend off a wanna-be Jason or Freddy. 

All in all, stay safe and enjoy the most spooky and fun night of the year! Happy Halloween!