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It is certainly no secret that Oswego, N.Y. boasts some of the most stunning sunsets in the country. In fact, many students at SUNY Oswego cite these breathtaking sunsets as one of their favorite things about the college. And let’s be honest … what can possibly be better than going down to the lake with a bunch of friends and watching the sun slowly sink below the horizon? The scene is absolutely captivating.


For students living on Lakeside, these sunsets are in their very own backyards! During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I was a resident of Waterbury Hall—an excellent location for beholding a spectacular Oswego sunset. At first, I took advantage of every opportunity I had to sit down by the rocks as the glistening water lapped against them and the sun began to drop. I spent countless evenings trying to capture the unrivaled beauty of the scene on my iPhone camera (which proved utterly futile).

But then, as always happens, I became busy. My workload got heavier, my social life was expanding, and I found that I had little time to enjoy the outdoors as much as I used to. I soon began to take Oswego’s scenic location for granted. “I’ll be here for the next two years. I can watch the sunset any time I want,” I told myself. But deep down, I knew I was just making excuses…

The truth is, even though Oswego sunsets are ranked as some of the most beautiful in the country, we seem to take that for granted a lot of the time. As a college student, I know how difficult it can be to find any free time during the week to just take a few minutes to sit down and relax. But there really is no better way to appreciate life than by enjoying the natural beauty of the sunsets that Oswegonians take such great pride in.

So what are you all waiting for? Go out there and seize the sunsets!

Lindsey Moses is a junior majoring in English at SUNY Oswego. She is currently a member of Alpha Sigma Eta, Oswego’s chapter of the International English Honor Society, as well as an editor for the Great Lake Review literary magazine. She also works as a tutor in the Writing Center, where she helps fellow students focus, develop, and organize their writing. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys reading, writing, traveling, listening to music, and attending concerts.
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