Quarter Courses: The Best Study Abroad Option

Traditionally, when people are talking about studying abroad they mean that they went somewhere for a full semester, fully immersing themselves in the country of their choice for five to six months. What’s going unnoticed during those moments is the shorter faculty-led programs.

These programs give you credit to your university no matter what, something that you shouldn’t overlook. This means you don’t have to worry about things getting mixed up or being weird. For example, my friend who went to New Zealand found that the physics classes to be significantly harder because the information covered in the basic physic course at Oswego was less than what was covered at Auckland University of Technology. Plus, you have to make sure what you sign up for is actually recognized by your department before you leave, something that faculty-led programs can guarantee.

You have the opportunity to work with professors you already have a connection with, or you can even create a connection with a new one on your campus. Connections matter, people! You’ll be able to go back these professors at some point for advice or recommendations. Plus, if you aren’t quite confident enough to wander around a foreign country by yourself, having faculty and students from your own college can help you adjust and feel comfortable.

Another great part is that they tend to be quarter courses or a month over the summer. Quarter courses are great because you spend less time in the classroom during the regular semester, leaving you some free time to focus on your other courses, but still, offer you the three needed credits. And who wouldn’t want to spend the last week of your course in a different country? The shorter summer option is incredible as well, leaving you with a month of working with your professor as you wander the streets of a foreign country. This gives you something awesome to do during this time, as well as giving you the chance to gain credits.

Price plays a big factor as well. You pay tuition to your own school, which us SUNY students can appreciate, rather than having to pay the differential for the school abroad. Professors also tend to be understanding when it comes to the cost of things, trying to find deals for us broke college students. It’s still not the cheapest thing you can do, but that’s what the scholarships are for (please remember to apply).

So if you desperately want to experience another country but don’t have the time, money, confidence, or whatever else you feel you are missing, faculty-led trips are here for you. If you’re interested fill out an application ASAP or give it some extra thought for later semesters. The Oswego website has the spring options listed here. There’s one called French Food, isn’t that amazing?