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For 16 years of my life all I knew was Edenwald Projects, the largest project complex in the Bronx, New York. The place that made me who I am today. We played tackle charge on the weekends until our parents came to get us from the football field. Some walked home alone but we all knew each other in the community, meaning everyone looked out for one another. Monday through Friday we stopped at Barry or John store. Specialty of: bacon, egg and cheese, honey turkey swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo, two Doritos, and an Arizona. The school starter package. 

I attended each of the three local schools.  I was in Kindergarten through 5th grade at PS 112 and I must admit that I did not enjoy that school. I returned to Sousa (Bronx Alliance) for middle school, and I did not enjoy my time there either. The premier institution was now the Academy for Scholarship & Entrepreneurship. Best high school in the Bronx! I continue to visit whenever I return home from college. I attended all three schools, where the bulk of the student body was the same, throughout most of my schooling up to college.

Edenwald was a life-changing place to grow up. Being the only “boy” among six sisters, I was exposed to hardships and injustice at a young age and was taught how to protect myself. I was frequently picked on because of my femininity. The football field has a reputation for being a fighting location. There were a few fistfights between myself and some of my old friends there. Being from the hood will teach you that disrespect will not be allowed. During the weekends, we played manhunt, provoked other neighborhood youngsters for entertainment, and broke windows. Crazy, huh? Despite the terrible decisions I made when I was a child and a teenager, these decisions shaped the person I am now. As I look back on my history, I see that all of my struggles and decisions were part of my path to success. After leaving Edenwald in 2019, I discovered a lot about myself. Even while I will always retain a soft spot in my heart for this area, living here has made me desire better for myself. I want people to know that my previous faults and where I’m from don’t dictate who I will be in the future. Everything fits into the overall plan. Salutations to all Edenwald residents. We are the most honest, intelligent, and victorious. We shall prove everyone incorrect and become something great in life.

Hello, I'm Kaeillyn. I'm from the Bronx, my family and friends call me Kae, I'm presently majoring in Public Relations with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Gender Women Studies. I use writing as a platform to share my thoughts and experience. I joined Her Campus as a new opportunity to investigate my potential as a nonfiction book author/writer. My interests include learning new things, R&B and Soul music, civic participation, and community outreach.