Pixar Movies are the Best


At this point, I’m sure everyone knows how much I love Disney movies. They give me a sense of childhood that I have lost. While I do love princess movies, Pixar movies are always more emotional and leave me crying. Overall, they are just better. So why are they better than the classic princess movies? Well, I’m going to tell you, but spoiler warning if you have not seen a good chunk of Pixar movies. 

To start off, the stories, in general, are better and more impactful than the princess movies. While we would all love to have our own “happily ever after” and find our future partners, whether prince or princess, we can’t relate to that. However, what stories can we relate to? Joe’s story in Soul of following your passions in life, and how that may not work out and that’s okay. We can relate to Miguel’s story in Coco of family not accepting our choices in life, and how remembering the stories of lost loved ones are important as well. We can relate to the story of Onward, and how essential siblings are and the sense of grieving the loss of a parent. I can keep going on the stories that Pixar creates and all make us bawl our eyes out too. 

While the stories are important, another thing that Pixar does is sneak in easter eggs into every movie. If you watch carefully, you will always find the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, A113, which is the classroom number that Pixar animators were in at CalArts and nods to other Pixar movies. Just to point out a couple of nods, in Brave, the witch has a cut out of Sulley from Monsters Inc., Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Mike Wazowski pinatas can be found in Coco, in Cars 2, there is a restaurant called “Gastows” which is a nod to “Gustaeu’s” in Ratatouille

While the easter eggs are fun to see, there is also a theory that all Pixar movies are connected in one universe. While it would be easier for you to look up the theory, I can tell you that the theory starts with the movie The Good Dinosaur and ends with Monsters Inc. It is interesting and mind boggling that all these movies could be in the same universe just because we find those easter eggs in each movie. While it is not confirmed by Disney/Pixar, they released a video full of easter eggs from all Pixar movies which shows the connection. 

Now I’m definitely not trying to diss Disney in any way, but I have to say that the Pixar branch is way better than the other movies. Disney has bought a lot of companies, and they made the best decision to have Pixar on their side to create loving and impactful stories, while giving us fun little eggs to spot throughout their movies.