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Our Myers-Briggs Personality Types and What They Mean to Us



ENFJ & ENFP equally 

I have taken the Myers-Briggs test many times over the years, and my type has changed over time as I’ve matured. I think the Myers-Briggs system really isn’t that definitive, but it is fun to play around with. When I was 16, I got INTP (the Logician), which is a very reserved logical personality. Now as an adult, six years later, I got ENFJ (The Protagonist) & ENFP (The Campaigner) equally, as I got 50% perceiving 50% judging, so I fit both personality profiles. I feel a connection to them both, however, I definitely feel more close to ENFJ. I am someone who is good in leadership positions, so that’s something I identify with with ENFJ. Though, I think I’m more of a perceptive person and also creative, which is why I think I got 50/50 J&P. One thing I’d say is that I’m not exactly an extrovert— I’m really more of an ambivert, or someone who is both introverted and extroverted at the same time. I have a ton of fun around others but at the same time I need my alone time to recharge or I get very irritable. It would also be good to have something between Judging and Perceiving, like, understanding or something. Not sure what the compromise word would be, but I definitely do a lot of judgement based on my perceptions. So I think my real personality type is like, ANFU (Ambiverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Understanding). I’m just glad I share my personality type with Barack Obama. I think if people genuinely want to, like me, they can also work to change their personality type as they grow and learn new things.



I found taking this test to be very interesting! My senior year of high school we were required to take this test to learn more about ourselves, and at that time I had gotten the INFJ personality type, which is “the advocate”. It seemed to really describe who I was at the time, so reading about the type I got this time around, “the defender”, provided interesting insight to how my personality has changed over the years. The major parts of the description seemed to fit me well, as I am a dedicated and empathetic person, as well as a caring, meticulous, and introverted individual. I found it especially intriguing to look at other people with this personality type at the bottom of the page of results, as I have good company among Beyonce, Catelyn Stark from “Game of Thrones”, and one of my favorite superheroes, Captain America! There are some aspects of “the advocate” that I believe fit me better, so I think I may be a good mix of both that and “the defender."


ENTP-T Debater

What I found the most accurate with my results were the strengths and weaknesses. For my personality, some of  the strengths were great brainstorming, charismatic, and energetic. Then some of the weaknesses were argumentative, insensitive, and difficult to stay focused. And with these they are very accurate to me. So this test really showed me all the aspects to my personality and it was mostly all accurate. 



With my results, everything was clear cut except for the last letter of perceiving/judging. Perceiving won only by 2%, which makes sense because when I am at home, I am considered the more “messy” type, but the high standards I was brought up translates into me being the “responsible” one when I am here on campus. Overall, the term “visionary” vibes with me completely. I am always daydreaming and playing around with new ideas, even if they aren’t realistic. Being in a dynamic environment energizes me, and I am very affectionate with those I am really close with. Spending time all by myself for a long period of time drives me crazy, and that explains why I have a constant need to be around people and keep active. Also, sharing the same personality type as Robin Williams and Walt Disney is more than fine by me.



In September of 2019, I was an ENFJ-T (Protagonist), but over the last year I’ve undergone a lot of self-growth so I wanted to take it again.  A few weeks ago, my result was INFJ-T (Advocate).  As you can see, there is one change and it is exactly what I thought it would be.  I’m really shy but I’ve always been an extravert in the sense that I felt “recharged” after social events and I placed A LOT of value on the connections I had with people.  I’ve definitely always been reliant on others but never in a way that I would call unhealthy.  However, this summer, I lived alone for the first time and I learned a lot about myself.  Living alone and a collection of other weird, growing-up type things have made me much more introverted.  I just like my own company more and know how to make use of my time better.  I still rely on people but for different reasons and that group of people is MUCH smaller.  Other than that, my other characteristics are super accurate, too.  I also just love the idea of referring to myself as “turbulent,” the way it sounds way worse than it is - so on-brand for me.