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If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you have probably seen all of the Oswego related accounts. Of course, there is the classic SUNY Oswego Problems account with roughly 4,000 followers. (We also wrote an article about the account last year.)

There have been a couple of new ones. Twitter accounts involving food. Take a step into a dining hall on a special day during the week and you may be blessed with Oswego chicken patties. One of our favorite lunchtime meals has a twitter account. The best part of the account? It lets us know when we can sink our teeth into a delicious patty. People tweet the account if there are chicken patties for lunch that day, which happens about once a week. The account currently has around 325 followers.

Want something to put on the chicken patties? Try some of the hot sauce. Walk into the dining hall on any given day and you can find the insanely good hot sauce. Students can put hot sauce on the chicken patty and have an even better meal.

For the students who are more interested in sports, there are two well-known Twitter accounts. One is the Badham Brigade, a group named after popular Oswego State ice hockey assistant captain, senior Kyle Badham. If you went to any ice hockey games in the past couple of years, you would have seen the group sitting behind the goal, leading the cheers and chants of the student section. The group has about 230 followers.

The new sports related account is the Laker Lunatics, the Twitter of the student section. In the beginning of its existence, the account tweets were mostly about hockey. Since hockey season is over, the account has posted about other sports, such as lacrosse. If you’re interested in seeing a fans perspective of Oswego sports, check out the page! They have about 165 followers.

One of the best things about these Twitter accounts is that it gives us something to laugh about. As college students, we have a lot on our minds and it’s nice to get a break and be able to say, “Hey, did you see what that account posted last night?”

To the owners of all of these accounts: the students of Oswego thank you for making us constantly laugh. Keep up the good work!

Any accounts we forgot about? Let us know!

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