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Oswego Happenings: Zonta Witches Ball

As anyone who has made the mistake of choosing Oswego can second, there isn’t much to do in Oswego. We get drunk, hang out by the lake, take naps, and sometimes we remember to study. That being said, every once in a while new events will show up and we should absolutely make an attempt to appear at them.

Halloween, beyond being the best time of the year, is also the time for witches. This includes tarot cards, runes, spell books, some cool scientific reactions, and cloaks. And Oswego, shockingly enough, does have this wonderful event called the Zonta Witches Ball.

The event takes place at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center in Oswego, located in the Best Western Plus Oswego hotel. It goes from 7-11 p.m on October 25th. It’s only open to those 18 or older so we won’t have to worry about any of those annoying high school students crashing and ruining the fun. However, there will be a bunch of old ladies who know how to party so if you aren’t looking to be outdrank by a 60-year-old in a pointed hat you might not want to go.

There are many people who participate in the Witches Ball from around the community, giving everyone an opportunity to find the tarot readings, fortune tellings, and other witchy demonstrations that are available within the community. It also includes caricatures, make-up artists, and costume contests. Bring some cash and give back to those in the community and maybe even get a definite answer on whether or not you should be dropping that class.

Some professors even make an appearance at the ball, giving you a chance to be the little kiss-up that you are and get in a real conversation. Last year I ran into one of the chemistry professors making some really cool reactions for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Don’t miss out on your chance to dress up witchy and play with some runes. Your future can change, but wouldn’t you like some insight?


Disclaimer: this author has been stuck in Oswego her whole life and knows that it’s not as bad as it is being portrayed (most of the time)


Victoria graduated from SUNY Oswego with a double major in Economics and Creative Writing and a minor in Statistics. When not writing, she loves reading, hiking, and watching the weirdest movies she can find. Victoria also adores dogs and banana bread with chocolate chips.
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