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Nathalie Peña: Her Campus Oswego’s Campus Correspondent

She’s cute, she’s stylish, and she’s Her Campus Oswego’s Campus Correspondent/Co-Editor-in-Chief. Here’s some fun facts about our own Nathalie Peña!

Name: Nathalie Peña.

Age: 20.

Year: Junior.

Hometown: Washington Heights.

Major: Journalism with a French minor.

What are your hobbies?: Doing yoga, having any type of adventure with friends, reading travel blogs.

What are four words to describe yourself?: Adventurous, friendly, funny, earth-lover.

What is your favorite TV show?: Friends! It’s pretty much guaranteed that I can quote at least one line from each episode.

What song has been on repeat for you lately?: “Thru” by Vallis Alps.

Trump or Hillary?: Hillary, for sure!

West Coast or East Coast?: I’ve only ever lived in the East Coast, but my dream is to travel, so I would love to try out the West Coast!

Best part about being the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Oswego?: Having the opportunity to get more experience in being a leader and being surrounded by other people who love to write and edit.

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Katie Short

Oswego '18

Katie is a recent graduate of SUNY Oswego, where she double-majored in Creative Writing and Political Science and a minor in Journalism. She was the Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Oswego as well as a Chapter Advisor. Katie hopes to get a job in writing, editing or social media. 
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