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The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. There’s so much celebration, joy, and love everywhere I go. Despite this, there’s always one thing that I don’t look forward to: the cold. The winter is probably my least favorite season because I hate sacrificing comfort for warmth. Endless layers, itchy sweaters, and always on the verge of frostbite. While I hate the wintertime, living in New York has taught me how to make the best of it each year. Here are my favorite wardrobe essentials for the cold!

Puffer Coats– These coats have been around for a long time, but I remember when they got really popular in 2019/2020. They have a unique quilted design that makes them look ‘puffy’ between the stitching. I love these coats because they’re lightweight and warm! Most winter coats are extremely heavy and end up swallowing you on the inside, making it impossible to look stylish. Meanwhile, puffer coats are versatile and sold almost everywhere for those on a budget or looking to spend a little more. Currently, I have the Aritzia Super Puff in the color Modern Taupe. The coat is waterproof and available in multiple colors, styles, and fabrics. 

Earmuffs– Growing up, I was never really into earmuffs. I thought they were impractical and unnecessary. But, I’ve learned that earmuffs can really make the staple piece on an outfit, especially if it matches the rest of your clothing. This piece is great because it keeps your ears warm while being an accessory to the rest of your outfit. I don’t have any right now, but am planning to get some for the upcoming winter season. There are some great options on Amazon or from your favorite name brands!

Leg Warmers– This was another essential that I wasn’t interested in before. Until recently, I saw leg warmers as something that should stay in a 1980s aerobics class. Now that they’re making a comeback, I see a lot of different uses for them and how they could be a great accessory for winter clothing. As the name suggests, they are used to keep your legs and ankles warm in cold weather. I’ve seen a lot of people wear them over leggings, with skirts, and with boots or loafers. I prefer the solid ones, but they are available in lots of different textures, patterns, and colors on sites like Amazon and Shein.

Fleece lined leggings– These leggings are something that I should’ve added to my wardrobe a long time ago, but unfortunately, I didn’t know they existed until last year. Leggings themselves are already a must-have piece in everyone’s closet, but some pairs can be too thin to wear past November. Not only does adding fleece to the insides make them suitable for colder weather, but they can also be paired with other styles that you wouldn’t have thought were possible during the winter. For example, fleece lined lined leggings can be worn under skirts or even other pants for extra warmth. They are available in different colors and styles in places like Old Navy and Lululemon. 

Anything UGG– UGGs are a winter staple that have been in my closet since middle school. Wearing them for the first time after not wearing them for so long officially means that it’s getting cold. All of their shoes are lined with sheepskin to keep your feet warm. They come in tons of different colors, designs, and are extremely long-lasting. At the moment, I love switching between my black Classic Short II or my chestnut Bailey Bows. Also, the Adirondack boots are perfect for snow days. They can be worn in so many different ways and are perfect gifts for the holidays. 

Shanae Gray

Oswego '23

Hi, my name is Shanae Gray and I'm an aspiring writer from the Bronx, NYC! I've been writing since I was little and have always wanted to become a journalist or author someday. Currently, my interests are reality TV shows, music/pop culture, as well as beauty and fashion!