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One summer I decided to walk around the slightly small city of Oswego and discovered some wonderful jems that spark joy (as Marie Kondo would say).

1. The River’s End Bookstore

The River’s End Bookstore has the friendliest staff and the coziest vibe as soon as you enter the store. The books, the smiles and the constant love for college students and the community are all huge identifiers of the place. They have events with the clubs and professors at SUNY Oswego, and it’s a wonderful place to find yourself while you find some books.

2. Coffee Connection

Hands down, the coziest place with the best coffee in Oswego. It’s in an old building, they’ve got many seasonal flavors and the owners are super nice.

3. Nora’s

Nora’s has some of the best food in Oswego. If you’re looking for a quick bite and healthy options, this is the place to go. The place is modern, right in the middle of downtown and has a good variety of both vegetarian and gluten free options.

4. The Red Sun

Get whatever food you want here, but ALWAYS get the stretched bread. That’s all.

5. Port City Co-Op

This place has the best collection of antiques and items from local artists. I’ve gotten many, many things for as cheap as a dollar. I’ve found old advertisements, picnic baskets, jewelry, books and other fancy little trinkets that’ll make you feel like a posh person. It’s a great place to explore and honestly, you might find some usable antique cameras here!

6. Books and Tea

This place is a book store FILLED with second hand books. The owners are very friendly and nice and will help you however they can. When you first enter the store, there’s a very convenient $1 book section. I have walked away with hardcover sets for book series that would’ve probably cost me almost $150 but only walked out of there having spent $54.

7. Lake Ontario Antiques

This is my favorite place in all of Oswego. I’ve gotten old, usable cameras/lenses and some jewelry from this place. I love exploring here because they have a large collection of antiques that have a lot of history. You’ll find things that were imported from Asia a long time ago, British cookware inspired by Chinese art and so much more. It’s almost magical in here, so make sure you go here with the full intention of spending a lot of time exploring.

Nirdishtha Raj Sapkota is a Journalism and Graphic Design double major with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves indie and lofi music. You'll probably find her eating spicy and sour food or running around yelling for no particular reason. 
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