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Londonopolis: Paris and Other Adventures

Hello Oswego! I've been missing your snowy-ness and high winds. But, I wouldn't trade that for the last few weeks here in (surprisingly sunny) England.

I spent a weekend in Paris, which was awesome, needless to
say. I went with two friends here, from Texas and Minnesota, and we stayed in a little hotel in Montmartre for two days and explored every tourist attraction we could get our hands on.

We saw Sacre Coeur, the Moulin Rouge, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triomphe. It was all incredible, especially climbing up the Eiffel Tower and watching the sun set over the city. As we descended, the lights came on and the whole Tower lit up. We began to walk back to our hotel, and it started sparkling! Here's a photo to give you an idea of how pretty it was.

Today I went to Brick Lane in central London and saw a ton of  little markets. There were some pretty cool murals and great street art, too, not to mention delicious food.
Here's a picture of some of the street art we saw. Pretty cool, huh?

I also went to Wimbledon (right around the corner from my University... it was a full day!) It was kind of disappointing, though. We couldn't get inside the tennis courts unless we paid the equivalent of about 35 U.S. dollars and came back another day. No famous tennis players to report on, either, but the semester is still young. You never know who I'll run into...

Like Dan Radcliffe...?

Yep. Not kidding.

He came to a showing of The Woman in Black in Leicester Square, London. I had a ticket, of course, and got to be see him and the director, also in this photo, introduce the film. Super scary movie, but also super worth it to be in the same room as Harry Potter.

Kaitlin Provost graduated from SUNY Oswego, majoring in journalism with a learning agreement in photography. She grew up in five different towns all over the Northeast, eventually settling and graduating from high school in Hudson, Massachusetts. Kait now lives in the blustery town of Oswego, New York, where she can frequently be found running around like a madwoman, avoiding snow drifts taller than her head (which, incidentally, is not very tall). She has worked for her campus newspaper, The Oswegonian, as the Assistant News Editor, and is also the President of the Oswego chapter of Ed2010, a national organization which helps students break into the magazine industry. She hopes to one day work for National Geographic and travel the world.
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