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Kaitlyn Welden

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Kaitlyn Welden is a senior public relations major with a concentration in journalism at SUNY Oswego. She is very involved around campus. You might be able to see her working in Pathfinder dining hall. If so, stop by and say hi!

Kaitlyn enjoys working in the dining hall. “The managers are great and my co-workers are awesome! By far the best dining hall ever!” Plus, working in the dining hall also gives her some extra cash.

She is also a member of Alpha Sigma Chi, after pledging sophomore year. The sorority does a lot of community service events, like Relay for Life and March of Dimes. “It’s always great to hang out with the girls. We always have tons of fun together.”


“I thought pledging a sorority would provide more opportunities to get involved. They really participate in a variety of events.”


In her spare time, Kaitlyn likes to hang out with friends and also go explore the town or go to the mall in Syracuse. She enjoys cooking and like most college students, partying. And sleeping.


Graduation is in less than two weeks. Kaitlyn has been doing her best and looking for jobs every week. She is finding that it is hard to find a job that you don’t need any experience for. “Word to the wise: Intern at a place that you would want a future job at because that is your in! Once they know you and train you, chances are they are going to want to keep you.”


The thing she is most excited about is having a career. She also wants to work normal hours doing what she went to school to study.


She plans on living with her friend, Katie Lewis, after graduation in the Bronx.


One thing Kaitlyn won’t miss is the famous Oswego winters. She will miss her friends, the weekends and the lake when the weather is nice.

I'm a junior. I like to read, watch T.V. and sleep. Aaaand that's it.