JoAnn Delauter

One of the most interesting aspects of writing Campus Celebrity articles is the wide range of people that you meet and get to know. Some are larger than life, some are shy and quiet, and some are in between. But some shine with utter exuberance and a love of life that is so catching that one feels inclined to listen. JoAnn Delauter, an Oneida Residence Assistant, bounces with unbridled enthusiasm. I was lucky to have an interview with her, learning about her deep passion for the people around her and the ways these people shape her experiences.

From the get-go, JoAnn eagerly tells me that she is a sophomore with a double major in journalism and marketing. She is also currently the assistant news editor of The Oswegonian and has been involved as a staff writer there since her freshman year. According to Delauter, her fellow Oswegonians are a huge source of inspiration for her and constantly push her to become better writer and person.

“They are such great people and [have] such great skill,” JoAnn says. “Especially certain people in the Oswegonian ... I look towards everyone.”

In particular, JoAnn points to Aimee Hirsch, a former member of the Oswegonian, as a person who has highly impacted her and her future at the paper.

Amidst laughs, JoAnn talks about an inside joke of being in ‘Aimee’s Army,' a trio of blonde women who were all inspired by Aimee. The warmth with which she talks about Hirsch is quite evident as she talks.

“I definitely give her props to where I am in my position 'cause without her and without Andrew, who is my age, to push me back into the office and getting more involved and stuff ... I certainly attribute that to them.”

Ultimately, her family is huge inspiration to JoAnn and how she has developed as a person. Her three siblings, who were all RAs, prompted her to become an RA in Oneida Hall on campus. Hearing about what her siblings learned from RA life and the experiences that they had with other students greatly influenced her into following in their footsteps.

JoAnn loves being an RA and states that her favorite part of residence life is getting to know her residents because she “thrives” off meeting new people and learning about their lives, loves and passions. A true social butterfly, JoAnn looks to learn the most about the diverse people she encounters and “being there for them.”

“I think Oneida, I’m not going to brag, has the best staff,” she says, brushing non-existent dust off her shoulder.

She feels well connected with her fellow RAs and feels that the hall director, Leigh Viscomi, is driving factor in the positive community that makes up the staff. Overall, the experience that she has gained with residence life is a unique opportunity that she adores. Her reasoning is that working as an RA prepares you to handle a wide variety of situations and encounters with people, regardless if the experience is a pleasant one or not.

“It makes you a better person,” she says. “ I love because it’s just beneficial ... it’s just a good experience.”

As for the future? JoAnn doesn’t really know what she wants to be when she graduates from SUNY Oswego.

“Um, I really interested in getting a job. Period!”

At the moment, she’s just waiting to see where life takes her. After all, she points out, she is only a sophomore.

“Every experience, all the effort that I have put in, all the time, all the late hours ... is not … for nothing. Cause it’s making me who I am. Smile!”