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Is This The End of Drake and SZA’s Alleged Beef?

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It looks like Drake and SZA might’ve ended their alleged romantic beef. The hip-hop rapper and R&B singer recently dropped their #1 single, “Slime You Out”. On the soundtrack, the two artists sing about their romantic disparities and revenge against their partners for the bad things that were done to them. Many fans have been speculating their beef for months, so it was surprising news that they’d be creating a song together. 

Speculations about Drake and SZA’s fling rose after Drake dropped his single “Right Now” with 21 Savage. In the song he refers to dating SZA in 2008, which fans were pretty shocked about. Fans on Tik Tok couldn’t resist but to do some more digging about their young romance. 

They have theorized that Drake’s hit single, “Marvin’s Room” is about SZA. The “Kill Bill” singer released a song with Travis Scott on his recent album, Utopia, which samples “Marvin’s Room”. Fans believe that her feature on the song is a response to Drake’s timeless single, which was released back in 2011. They went even further to say that SZA’s hit song “Broken Clocks” is about the Toronto rapper. In the song she says, “it’s been about 3 years since I dated you, why you still talkin’ bout me like we together?”  

While Drake or SZA has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, she has responded to fans’ shocked reaction to their past romance back in December 2022. In an interview with HipHopDX, she says, “anytime he’s mentioned me, it’s always been positive. He’s never said anything negative about me, [and] I’m grateful for that.” 

Fans are loving this collaboration between the two Grammy winning artists, and as a fan myself, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from them.


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