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Last semester, I decided that I needed to get a job. I had been going to school here at SUNY Oswego for two years and been surviving fine on my summer job money. But now that I’m living off campus and paying for rent, groceries, and other everyday necessities, my summer money wasn’t enough. 

I had always pondered over the idea of getting a job, but overall I was scared that it would affect my time for classes and studying. The thought of a heavier workload on top of an already busy schedule was frightening enough.

The first thing I did when looking for a job was consider if I should get one on campus or off campus? My thought process was that an off-campus job would probably be more weekends, allowing me more time during the week to study. On the other hand, an on-campus job would allow me more flexibility between my classes since they work more around my schedule. After giving both options some thought I ended up applying for an on-campus position, which turned out to be a great decision. My job had me taking shifts between classes, meaning every day I had back-to-back classes and work. While some may agree that having no breaks sounds worse, I liked the busyness. It also made me feel like the work was just another class which made it move along much faster. 

Since it’s a school-based job they also care much more about prioritizing my studies. I know many people who have had to give up shifts due to needing to study, attend club events, or meet professors in office hours. My job has a very easy “sub sheet” process where you just post your shift and anyone is able to pick it up from you with no extra hassle. My managers also do a good job compromising on issues and assisting students in finding coverage if need be. 

Another reason I like this job is because the shifts are quick and easy. Since our shifts are mainly scheduled between classes, most shifts are averaged between an hour to three hours each. While this may mean I work two shifts a day, both being two hours long, I would rather that over one four hour shift. 

While some of the positives of my job may be just due to where I’m working and my amazing team and I, there are also downsides to any job, especially while also being enrolled in college. One large downside is that it takes away from my time to do homework and study. While I’ve never missed an assignment or skipped out on studying, having a job does make it more important to treat your time wisely and plan ahead. Instead of laying in bed and watching TV on my weekends I have to dedicate more time to getting my school work done. It also means I may do homework later at nights on the weekends to make up for the breaks I lost while working.

Overall, every job will always have pros and cons, and each job is different with various perks and people around you. I personally love working during the school season. It keeps me busy and prevents me from having any dull moments. But it’s different for everyone. If you think you can handle a job, then go for it! If you can’t, then always prioritize yourself!

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April White

Oswego '23

April White is currently a senior at SUNY Oswego. She is a Broadcasting major with a minor in Creative Writing. More often than not you can find her either reading or tucked away in bed watching Netflix. She loves animals, iced coffee and the colors green and purple.