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The Importance of Supporting Local Artists

Art is, subjectively, one of the hardest works to get involved in. Everywhere you go there are pre-produced paintings that you can purchase quickly and bring home right away. Many stores have factories that mass produce thousands of copies of a single painting. Since Christmas is just around the corner, why not support a local artist and buy a painting from them instead?

There are so many benefits from getting art locally. First of all, you get to help out your community. These artists are just trying to get by in this world doing what they love. Buying one of their paintings will seriously make their day. As an artist myself, I always get so happy when someone offers to buy one of my paintings. It means that they really loved the way it came out and want to own it forever. Or it may even mean that they valued the piece so much that they want to give it to someone else to bring joy to them. Because of the objective nature of art, it’s always a refreshing feeling to sell a piece that you’ve worked so hard on.

Another benefit of buying locally is that you can own a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. The paintings they sell at Walmart are mass produced. Thousands of people around the country will most likely have the exact same painting hanging on their walls. Buying from a local artist ensures that you’re getting an original design that no one else will ever own. It will be authentically yours and yours alone.
Also, most local artists can do custom paintings if you just simply ask. If you wanted a painting of a cow with a space helmet on as she floats through space over a moon made of brie cheese, well, that would be an interesting request, but I can guarantee there is a local artist somewhere who would be willing to do it. It never hurts to ask someone. The weirder the request, the more fun it’ll be to paint. Art is so versatile that you can ask for so many different things. There are rock paintings, canvas paintings, glassware art, custom coasters, portraits, landscapes — the list goes on and on. There’s something out there for everyone.

Many people do understand the importance of shopping in local stores rather than big commercialized places, such as Wal-mart and Target. It should be the same for art. If you’re interested in picking up a new painting for your living room or dining room, ask your local artists before you run right to the store. A good place to find up and coming creatures are through Etsy. Many young and striving artists start their career through this website.

Even though you may end up paying a little bit more for the paintings, the original and customized artwork you own will be worth it in the end. Art supplies are very expensive and these people need to support their business as well. Keep that in mind this Christmas. If a painting is something you’re interested in, check with your local artists for information.


Jordyn is a Biology major with a minor in creative writing at SUNY Oswego. She hopes to open a rehabilitation center for wildlife in the future. She's very passionate about animals and spreading awareness for animal rights. She also enjoys drawing and painting.
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