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Haunted houses are great and all, but who needs to pay money to be terrified when we live on a dying planet where human rights violations are pushed under the rug? We are in the apocalypse, downturn, background information section of our YA novel that will be poorly explained in textbooks years from now (because heaven forbid we teach children the truth). But that’s okay, right? At least we aren’t denying climate change.

Speaking of which, let’s discuss the horrors of said climate change. Not what’s coming, that would be too obvious, and typically ignored. No, let’s talk about how our reliance on fossil fuels leads to our administration attempting to sweep aside the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia.


You see, the areas where much of our oil is have the ability to say that they no longer like us and no longer use the US dollar as the price of commodities. That means everything will be priced in a different currency, making us less important and decreasing our exchange rate. (It’s bad for economics.) So why on earth would our country, run by a “great businessman,” ever want to do anything that might negatively affect our bottom line?

In case you were wondering, you can be kind of excited about that since it means that our president isn’t ignoring a brutal murder in order to sell more weapons to people who are going to continue to use them to murder people. Weapon sales to these countries likely do not contribute to as many jobs as Trump said in his recent interview, but I’m sure you knew that already since our president is known for saying whatever numbers come to his head.

We know large companies have absolutely no shits to give about the general welfare of ordinary people, but you’d think that having such volatile countries (who are actually getting away with murder) in control of such an asset would be driving these companies away from fossil fuels. The death of our planet and the extinction of humanity is nothing, but money is something they worry about (probably the only thing they worry about). With this new way of thinking, they should be running toward clean energy.

So, yeah, the clowns are horrifying and scary movies make me jump, but real life is on another level. Maybe this is why everyone has to get blackout drunk every once and awhile.



Victoria graduated from SUNY Oswego with a double major in Economics and Creative Writing and a minor in Statistics. When not writing, she loves reading, hiking, and watching the weirdest movies she can find. Victoria also adores dogs and banana bread with chocolate chips.
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