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Growing up kids were obsessed with so many different things like “Teletubbies,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Yo Gabba Gabba,” etc. However, there was one thing that I was obsessed with: Power Rangers. That was the only thing I would watch on TV. All the different Power Ranger shows growing up, there were so many of them, but which was the best Power Ranger show? It’s hard to pick just one Power Ranger show. Though, today I’m going to be telling you my top five Power Ranger shows and am going to explain each show and what makes that show special; the reason I’m picking five is because I just can’t pick one!

To start with number five it has to be “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy,” the series had such a great cast. Did you know the yellow ranger in “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy,” was Cerina Vincent? She’s known for her role as Mrs. Diaz in “Stuck in the Middle.” Another cast member who looked familiar was Melody Perkins. She went from playing a villain to playing the pink ranger. Overall, the show was very immersive, and one of the best shows because of the storyline. It took place after “Power Rangers in Space,” keeping up with the storyline by bringing a whole new cast.

Number four has to be “Power Rangers RPM.” The whole cast was one of my favorite shows to ever exist because of the character, Ziggy Grover, played by Milo Cawthorne. He carried the whole show and ended up becoming the Green Ranger. Another fun fact, you all know in “Teen Wolf” the girl who played Derek Hale’s sister? Well, she also played Tenaya Seven in the show. Her actual name is Adelaide Kane. She was one of my favorite characters in the show because she went from betraying a villainous character to becoming good.

The whole show had a very good storyline, especially because you never expected it. The doctor in the show was named Doctor K. She was a female doctor who created the Power Ranger, Gem, etc, basically creating the whole virus that brought the villains to the show. She was a kid trapped in an adult body, she was one of my favorite characters as well. Overall, the show was a very good show and something I definitely wanna watch again and again.

Number three of course has to be “Power Rangers Ninja Storm.” This is one of my favorite shows growing up. I watched it 1,000 times. I love the cast and the storyline. Before we start though, I want to recognize that the red ranger in this series was portrayed by Pua Magasiva, who passed away on May 11, 2019. Now before I continue, he’s not the only actor from the franchise to pass. “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” actor Jason David Frank who played Tommy Oliver passed away in 2022. Now, may they both rest in peace. They were both incredible actors and carried the Power Ranger franchise. 

Now, back to the show, “Power Rangers Ninja Storm” had a good storyline. It starts with kids who are trying to become ninjas, their JoJo is attacked, and their master is turned into a guinea pig. Therefore, his son had to help these kids become rangers. The storyline was very immersive and good. I love the main character, Tori. She’s a badass blue ranger who shows that feminine rules and the girls can do anything they put their minds to. Overall, the show was very decent and I would watch it again.

Number two has to be “Power Rangers S.P.D.” This show was one of my favorite shows growing up. It’s about this group of kids who were known as the “B-Squad,” becoming rangers after another squad goes missing. Their goal is to protect their home and make sure everybody is safe. This is one of my favorite shows because I just enjoyed watching all the action in it. The cool technologies that they used in the show were some of my favorites too and that is why it will always be in my top two favorite shows.

Finally, number one has to be “Power Rangers Time Force.” Now I know what you’re thinking, why did you put “Power Ranger Time Force” as the top favorite series? Well, because I loved the whole show. The show can be a little hard to explain, but a villain had escaped and went back in time, resulting in a group of kids going back to arrest the villain. I’m not going to spoil the show, but it’s something that I enjoyed and it’s cool because some of the cast makes appearances now in the most recent show adaptations. Overall, I just really enjoyed the show and it was something that kept me wanting more and more.

Although there are even more Power Ranger series I could talk about, these are my five favorite ones and the ones I enjoy the most. Hopefully reading this, might also inspire you to see which series is your favorite or get into the franchise in general. Finally, thank you for reading!

Hi my name Amanda I broadcasting and cinema and screen study major. I run a full-time podcast called man’s world I’ve been podcasting since I was 16 my podcast is over 20,000 listeners has been played in all states around the world I run it full-time by myself.