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If you have Hulu, and love to laugh, watch Hells Kitchen. Now, some people think that Gordan Ramsay is “too harsh,” and  “too mean.” My response to them, “you’re a donkey.” These people are competing to work in one of his restaurants, or partnering restaurants, and they will have a big paycheck. So yes, he will be strict, he will be harsh, he will say things outrageous. But it’s funny. It’s entertaining. You will get so invested in a chef, and you will get tired of one of them. You will eventually laugh at Ramsay’s comments! Once you get on a roll, you cannot stop. The best part is, you don’t even have to watch all the seasons, there are all new chefs every season! Also, there is a season called “Young Guns” where there are people our age, so it is very relatable.  


There are many shows that I love and have binge watched on Netflix. Some of these shows are Elite, In the Dark, Wentworth, Squid Games, You, The Walking Dead, Money Heist, Pose, All American, Bridgerton, Ginny & Georgia, and many more. These shows portray drama, suspense, comedy, and are wholehearted. 


If you’re looking to keep the spooky spirit of October going throughout the month, you should binge YOU or The Haunting of Bly Manor, which are both on Netflix. For a cozier, feel-good vibe, check out Parks and Rec on Peacock TV (free!) or Gilmore Girls on Netflix!


Right now, I have been bingeing Brooklyn 99. It just ended in (I believe) September, and since then, I have wanted to experience it again from the beginning. B99 is so funny and the characters are really well written. There have only been a few episodes or plots I haven’t liked (mainly the Jake/Rosa prison plot and the Gina/Boyle lovers plot). It’s been really refreshing to watch a police show that isn’t focused on glamorizing police work — even from the beginning B99 made an effort to tackle corruption in the police force, but it’s also very clearly straying far from what real police work is like and doesn’t pretend it’s not. Anyway…NINE NINE!


Oh man… There are simply too many good shows to binge-watch. For something heartwarming and hilarious, I’d recommend Jane the Virgin, which is on Netflix. For competition shows, I adore Next in Fashion, Blown Away, and Glow Up, all on Netflix. In order, they have one, two, and three seasons, so they’re pretty quick binges. For something a little darker, I’d go with Black Sails (on Hulu), which is such a compelling show with a lot to say, all under a layer of pirate-y violence. Finally, an olympic sport of a binge-watch: Grey’s Anatomy. With 17 seasons on Netflix and an 18th currently airing/on Hulu, it’s a lot of drama and comedy to binge for a long, long time. 


My binge-worthy show I will have to say is Insecure. If you have HBO please tune into this show. It’s currently airing its final season, but if you are a fan like me, you will go back to rewatch the season from the beginning to relive the amazing moments that have got you hooked onto the show! It represents Black women and men in a vulnerable, awkward, and normal manner as opposed to the stereotypes and many other caricatures that we witness. But in a humorous and relatable way! Definitely worth the watch. 

I also recommend The Circle on Netflix. That show is hilarious! If you enjoy fierce competition and strategic game plays, then this is the show for you! 


My comfort and binge-worthy show is New Girl and it is on Netflix. I love it because the episodes aren’t too long and the characters are so funny and entertaining. As a busy college student, this show is great to watch when trying to destress after a long day. 

I also recommend the Netflix movie Love Hard!! The brand new movie stars Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, and Darren Barnet. It is a Christmas movie that involves some catfishing, love, jokes, and life lessons; I absolutely adore it. 


I’ve primarily been watching a mixture of horror movies and LGBTQ+ content to help ease the transition from home to here at Oswego. My twin, J, and I would always watch a new horror movie every Friday night, usually right after a long day at work (we both worked at Dunkin’ for a while and would regularly work the same shifts). My favourite horror movie is A Cabin In The Woods, but The Conjuring and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark are definitely top picks too! Whenever I need to wind down, I either watch a few episodes of Atypical or Love, Victor or I’ll re-watch Geography Club. Something light and funny to prepare me for sleep.


I’m not someone who loves to rewatch shows over and over again, but I definitely do have my fair share of shows that break this rule. Within my list of tv show favorites I have my own category for “comfort binge-worthy shows”, my top one being Glee. I  would describe Glee as one of the best bad shows ever created. It’s slightly offensive, incredibly dramatic, quite predictable, and yet one of the most entertaining and addicting shows I’ve ever watched. My next top show would be Shameless. Shameless is one of the few shows that actually make me laugh out loud and feel like I personally know each character. It’s quite a long show, with the 11th and final season just coming onto Netflix this year but definitely worth it. I’ve probably watched the entire show about 5 times, and watching that final episode may have made me shed a tear or two.

Erin is a Cinema and Screen studies major and a creative writing minor. She loves Disney and Horror movies, and her favorite director is Taika Watiti. Despite film and writing, she also loves art, baking, and musical theater. She is a July Cancer and her favorite holiday is Halloween.
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Olivia is a Creative Writing/Theatre double major and Live Event Design minor in her senior year at SUNY Oswego. She spends her time reading, writing, working in Penfield Library's archives, and learning scenic painting/props/lights/dramaturgy in Tyler Hall.
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April White is currently a senior at SUNY Oswego. She is a Broadcasting major with a minor in Creative Writing. More often than not you can find her either reading or tucked away in bed watching Netflix. She loves animals, iced coffee and the colors green and purple.
Shannon Sutorius was an award winning 23-year-old English major, over 40-time-published author, editor, and former Teaching Assistant who graduated from SUNY Oswego in December of 2021. Shannon was one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus Oswego, previously Senior Editor, and wrote the Advice Column, "Dear Athena." Shannon worked with and had been published in Great Lake Review, Medium, and Subnivean. Shannon's awards included the Edward Austin Sheldon Award, Pride Alliance's Defender of LGBT+ Rights in Journalism Award, and the Dr. Richard Wheeler Memorial Scholarship. As well, Shannon was an active member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.