HCOZ Enneagram Types

The Ennegram test is based on a personality theory that ranks individuals based on their personal life choices. There are nine major groups that people can be listed into: Type 1 - The Reformer, Type 2 - The Helper, Type 3 - The Achiever, Type 4 - The Individualist, Type 5 - The Investigaor, Type 6 - The Loyalist, Type 7 - The Enthusiast, Type 8 - The Challenger, and Type 9 - The Peacemaker. This test helps people identify both their own strengths and weaknesses and help give guidance on how to make an individuals life better. If you want to know more, this is the test we took: Ennegram Test. Feel free to take it and learn more about what type you are!



After taking this personality test, it says that I mostly match up with personality 5, the investigator, with a 98%, “ Fives believe their resources are scarce, and that they don’t have enough of what they need.”  A person who is a five wants to seek understanding and knowledge. It also says that the investigator is more comfortable with data than people. While sometimes I do retreat into my own mind and think about the possible future, I believe that I have enough of what I need at the moment, and will get more when I need it. 

Personally I feel like this isn’t me, I feel as though I am more the giver, personality two, which was my second highest percentage with 94%. I am always the person in my friend groups that if someone has a problem, they can come talk to me and I will try to give them the best advice that I can. I do not feel like I need to be loved by my friends, however I want to give love to them because they deserve it. 



I got Personality 8, “The Challenger” with 98% match: “Eights see themselves as strong and powerful and seek to stand up for what they believe in.” I can’t say this doesn’t describe me. I also think I can be soft, but yes, if I see a problem I will challenge it and stand up for myself and others. I have no problem trying to reform things or speaking out, but I have also learned how and when to pick my battles more. I have made an enemy of people because of this, but I don’t really care. I think these days I have a healthy balance of going with the flow but also taking leadership of situations, and if someone is genuinely threatened by that, I think it is a them problem. People are usually threatened by self-assured women in this life. One of the other things is that “Eights pursue their own destiny.” I feel destiny is a large part of life — I think by the actions we take, the way we see things, we definitely carve out a specific destiny for ourselves. 



The Enneagram is one of my favorite personality tests! I’m a type 2 wing 1.  I definitely think the characteristics of a 2 match who I am.  I think I get more empathetic by the day and I’ve found that is the most common type 2 trait.  I have also read several times that type 2s make great teachers which warms my heart because I’ve wanted to be a teacher my entire life. Some other traits that typically describe 2s are:  sincere, warm-hearted, friendly, generous, sentimental, and people-pleasing. Personally, I would like to say I am all of those things and proud of it — but, I feel like other people would have to verify that for me.  (is that people-pleaser-y? lol). Either way, these are all characteristics I think about and hope to achieve daily. I took the Enneagram test years ago and I just took it again and I have always been a 2 wing 1.  I think that’s super interesting because my results on other personality tests change often. It makes me feel like the Enneagram does a good job getting to your core beliefs and the roots of who you are.



This test was so fun to take because, unlike the Myers-Briggs test, I have never taken this one before! I got Personality 9 which is known as “the peacemaker.” Nines are described as accepting, trusting, and stable, which is fairly similar to me, as well as creative, optimistic and supportive, which I certainly try to be! Their core motivation is definitely similar to mine, which is creating harmony in their environment and achieving inner stability “peace of mind.” I move in the direction of both arrows though, with the left pointing to 6, with anxiety and worry, and the right pointing towards 3, with growth and self-development. I certainly am an anxious person like a 6 so I lean to the left arrow quite often, but I have been actively working on growing past this and being more at peace with myself, like a 3. It’s interesting that so much of a 9’s personality is forged by the personalities of the other numbers. They are sometimes referred to as the “crown of the enneagram” because nines, “can have the strength of Eights, the sense of fun and adventure of Sevens, the dutifulness of Sixes, the intellectualism of Fives, the creativity of Fours, the attractiveness of Threes, the generosity of Twos, and the idealism of Ones.” It’s cool to consider a personality as not just falling into a specific category, but as a combination of all of the other numbers, thus a whole created by the sum of all of the parts of the enneagram. Overall I thought this was a really fascinating way to take a closer look at my personality and how it may be operating!



I have taken the Enneagram Test multiple times just because I’m curious about what could possibly change about me throughout the years. Every Time I’ve taken it I get the same result, Type Four Wing Five. Type Four is known as “The Individualist.” I notice that many people in my life are constantly worried about what other people think about them; they try to be interested in what other people are interested in. This never really applied to me. I’ve always just done my own thing and gone with the flow instead of constantly worrying about what other people may say about the things I enjoy. I like weird music that other people may not enjoy, and that’s okay. I’d never stop liking something just because one of my friends doesn’t like it. I can like my own things and be my own person without fearing the judgement from other people in my life. People are entitled to their opinions, so it’s fine. Type five is known as “The Investigator.” Anyone who’s been in my life for a while can probably tell you that this is entirely accurate. I’ve always loved learning new things, even when I was a child. I question everything and make sure to immediately look up any questions that may arise amidst a conversation. My family can get quite annoyed with this, but I seriously cannot help being so curious about the things people tell me. My second highest type was Type 9, “The Peacemaker.” This is also a very accurate description of me. I try to avoid conflict in my life at all costs, and when I do have to finally speak up about something, I immediately regret it and rethink everything I said or did. It’s hard for me to get over those moments and I will dwell on them for years. I’d much rather live my life by keeping everyone else happy, which I realize is a very unrealistic goal. What can I say, it’s the “Mom-friend” in me. This type also describes me quite well because I am a very emotional person. I feel emotions very intensely so it’s hard to hide what I’m feeling at times. I cry at the drop of a hat. This used to bother me, but I’ve learned to accept my emotions and not shy away from them. Overall, this is one of my favorite tests to take. It teaches so much about someone’s personality and I really love hearing everyone’s highest type. I try to make as many people in my life take it as possible, just so I can learn more about them.



I LOVE taking personality tests because I think being able to analyze yourself is a great way to know yourself and know how you can improve as a person. I got 98% for Type 8, The Challenger and a close second was Type 1, The Perfectionist at 91%. I think both of these results are so interesting because I definitely inherited a lot of my “challenger” habits from both my parents. My name, Nirdishtha, is a unisex name but predominatley used for males and my middle name, Raj, is a male middle name and only the men in my family had this middle name. After I was born, my mother decided to give me this name as an act of defiance to casteism and the patriarchy and I feel like this is definitely something I have grown up doing. I have always spoken up for things I think are wrong and if I was in the wrong, I make sure that I’m learning so I can grow and broaden my knowledge. My name means “determination” and I think it makes sense that I fit into the Challenger and Perfectionist types because I am very much both. It was quite interesting to me that I was only 42% of Type 9 which is the Peacemaker, because of the role I have in my job as a Resident Assistant. I am able to handle high stress situations and help keep the peace well but I suppose it’s a learned skill and not a personality trait. Personality tests are my way of analyzing what parts of my childhood/life have affected me to shape me into who I am and I can definitely see the threads of actions affecting me. I can’t wait to see how I will change in the future.