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Here are some predictions and wishes for what I think will happen in Ginny and Georgia season three.

****Spoilers below*****

  • I hope Marcus and Ginny get back together. They were so cute together and I know Marcus regrets badly that he has broken up with her.
  • I hope Paul stays with Georgia. This is the only true time when Georgia has been in love for real and she told him everything that she had done wrong except when she plugged the cord on Austin’s friend’s dad.
  • I hope Austin goes through therapy. He’s broken from all the traumatic events that happened. Especially, when he saw Georgia plug the plug into his friend’s dad and had to keep that big secret.
  • I need to see Joe find someone. I am tired of seeing him looking lonely because he has feelings for Georgia.
  • Abby’s storyline was heartbreaking. I hope she finds true love in the next season.
  • I think Paul is going to bail out Georgia because he’s rich and he’s in love with her.
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