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Getting Crazy Before Finals

So, I’m sitting in front of my laptop, trying to figure out what to write about this week. And honestly, I’m still sort of stumped. So I’m just going to type and sort of see where it goes.

This weekend coming up is incredibly important. It’s the weekend before the weekend before finals week, which means this is your last weekend to really go out and do something. So you should go out and do something crazy.  Not too crazy- but something you’ve wanted to do all semester, and didn’t have the balls to do. Like go talk to that guy in your English class that you really like but haven’t had the courage to talk to. Or just say forget it, and approach a guy at a party. Or just forget guys all together and have a great time. Go out with your giiirrrllllfriiiennnds.
After this weekend is the week before finals week, also known as the last week of classes. Which means that this is the last time you’ll see some of these people ever again, or have that really awesome professor ever again. So let them know how great they are. Especially the professor. Making those connections is incredibly important.
And then it’s finals week. Which means buckling down and studying and writing all those crazy papers analyzing Israel and Palestine and education and culture. Which means you’ll be boarded up in the library, or your room or whatever- so get all that crazy-ness out of your system now, before it’s too late.
Am I making any sense?

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