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Get to Know Oswego: The First Two Weeks

Everyone knows the first few weeks of school mean reuniting with friends, catching those last rays of sun before the work kicks in and, of course, syllabus week.

Though these are the generals on student’s agendas for the first week, what are the specifics? We figured we should share these gems with you before the work and (let’s be honest) the weather restricts us.

Though our version of “summer” is over, the season technically isn’t. Take advantage of the sun and go down to the lake. There are several good spots to take a dip, whether it is on Lakeside, West Side, or by the infamous flat rocks, you should drag your new roommate out from their cave, or ask your oldest friends to come along. Remember to pack some sunscreen and a towel and you’re in for a perfect late summer afternoon.

If Oswego’s muggy end of summer weather doesn’t make you sweat enough, hit up free gym week at Cooper or Glimmerglass Fitness Centers. Try out booty boot camp or some cardio intensive H.I.T.S, see what machine works best for you, or just check out the in-shape hotties toning their bods. It’s free, leaving you no excuse to not find out why this fitness thing is all the rage.

Syllabus week was mentioned, right? So this does mean we’re here for an education, right? Along with classes, it’s our job to find clubs and organizations to get us involved and hype up our resume. The first two weeks of the semester result in a bombardment of Facebook invites and emails about club meetings and volunteer positions. Write these dates down, attend the meetings and check out the volunteer options. The meetings can help you decide whether the organization is for you, both helping to stack that resume and find out ultimately if you’re on the right career path.

Along with organizations, departments hold different events the first few weeks of school to help get new and returning students involved.  Make sure to look out for these spirit gatherings throughout the semester.

Though welcome week is over and so are many of the array of events put on to welcome the new students, there is still a chance to join the festivities. Check out the Events Calendar on the Oswego website for more ideas.

These are just a few of the main events taking place right now. As always, check out Oswego, find some good hang out spots, find your favorite eateries, meet your floor mates and get to know the people in your major. Oswego is never in want of things to do or attend. Go out and find your own fun.

And, oh yeah, welcome back!

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