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Five Tips to Nail Your Interview

After applying to tons of jobs, you finally receive that golden call asking you to come in for an interview! You're excited because finally, someone has contacted you and they're interested in your skills and qualifications. Later on that day, when reality settles back in, you think of ways to prepare for your big interview. That nervous feeling starts to kick in and now you’re thinking of all the possible ways you can mess it up. Breathe. Relax. And don't worry too much! As long as you prepared for your interview, you are going to do great! Here are a few steps that will help you get that job you deserve.

1. Look up information about the company/ business you are applying to

Hiring managers, employers, and anyone who is interviewing you will be highly impressed with you discussing information with them about the company. A majority of the time they assume the person applying knows only knows the basics of what the company/business does. So, if out of all the interviewees they meet with, you’re one of the only interviewees that knew something above and beyond about them. It will definitely make you stand out against everyone else!

2. Go out and find that business suit that makes you feel like a B-O-S-S.       

Confidence is key! Whatever you're doing in life, it should be done with confidence. When you're looking good, you're feeling good, and that goes a long way during an interview. You will look professional and your outfit will definitely show that you're professional, which is the image you want to give to someone who may potentially hire you.

3. On time is late and early is on time

Be sure to arrive to your interview 30 minutes before the time scheduled. This gives you a grace period, just in case there's traffic, you forget something important at home, or life just gets in the way. You’ll have enough time to quickly handle it and still make it to the interview at a decent time. Getting there 30 minutes early will also give you time to relax a little before you enter the interview.  

4. Get enough rest and eat a filling breakfast

You want to get a good rest the night before so that you won’t zone out during the interview. Getting enough sleep will also help your memory, which can help you answer questions more efficiently. Eating a good breakfast will help too because nobody wants their stomach growling obnoxiously. So embarrassing!

5. Remain calm, cool and collective

It’s okay to be nervous for an interview! Often times, being nervous for something brings the best performance out of you. Overall, you should be calm and think positively about this opportunity. They're asking questions about you and who else knows you better than you?! Be yourself and it will all be a piece of cake.          

I hope these tips work for you and wish you nothing but the best for your future opportunities!

Hey! My name is Asha! I attend Oswego State University in New York (woop woop). My major is Broadcast Journalism and I aspire to become a successful news anchor some day. My interests consist of horoscopes, home decor, and just talking and meeting new people. I hope you all enjoy my articles :) thanks guyss!!!
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