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Finals Survival Kit

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up at the end of the semester. Her Campus always comes through for us by partnering with wonderful companies, who send us survival kits.

Chipotle’s buy-one-get-one free cards are the perfect way to grab a quick, cheap dinner with a friend! The closest Chipotle is roughly a half hour away, but the travel is well-worth the delicious food.

LUNA bars are a delicious and healthy snack to eat during a study break. The LUNA bars are packed with vitamins to help us get through the day!

Popchips are just as good as potato chips, but are healthier! They have all of the flavor, but only have of the fat. Put down those potato chips and pick up some popchips!

Thanks  for all of the goodies and as always, a huge thank you to Her Campus!

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