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Fall Is Here

Whip out those fall boots and skinny, floral jeans. Fall is finally here!

I think it’s safe to say Oswego’s days of 80-degree sunshine days are over. The nights have become chilly and the days are shorter. It’s time to switch to new boots and cute sweaters. Here are some fun outfit and accessory tips to get you in the swing of fall fashion!

Boots on boots on boots! When picking out boots for yourself think about the necessities first. You don’t want to go all out and splurge on a pair of risky colored boots just yet. First, go with a neutral fall color like tan. Otherwise, a solid patterned black boot will work also. Once you have an “everyday” fall boot go for a patterned one or taller boot.

Another kind of boot to try on is heeled boots. Just a solid colored boot with the perfect little heel makes any shirt and jeans outfit look dressier. These types of boots work with skirts and dresses too.

This fall’s popular fashion are zip-back combat boots. These boots can be a chic way to create a more urban look when walking around campus. On a warmer fall day, rock these boots with shorts and your favorite zip up hoodie. Charlotte Russe carries a wide variety of fold down, patterned combat boots.

Jeans/High waisted! There’s still some warm weather, so don’t be afraid to keep rocking those high waisted shorts. Nothing beats a chic, fall look like some high waisted, grungy jeans shorts with your favorite comfy long sleeve top.

This year’s fall favorite is a floral print jean. Nothing makes you stand out more than a pair of these skinnies. Rock these with a solid colored crop shirt or quarter sleeve. American eagle, H&M and PacSun have great prices on these jeans.

Fall Hairstyles! Go all out and shoot for a new look. Bangs or side bangs are a way to create that fall look without changing your hair too much. If you want to create that soft hair look, try to curl large sections of your hair with a wide curler.
In a rush this morning? Tie up your hair into a low bun with a braid twisted back into the bun. Braids are in this fall. Next time you straighten your hair, braid small sections of your hair, this way the braids will pop out when your hair moves around.

If you’re into dying your hair go for any of these popular fall colors: honey, blonde, strawberry gold, cinnamon, chestnut, brunette and many more! Cosmopolitan magazine has great ideas for the biggest hair color trends. Click here http://www.cosmopolitan.com/hairstyles-beauty/hair-care/fall-hair-color?… and start experimenting with your hair!

Accessorize! Scarfs are perfect for any outfit on a laid-back class day. Try a solid V-neck with a floral pattern scarf. Next time you have that ideal interview, put on a scarf to make you stand out from the crowd.

Big necklaces can dress up any long sleeve and leggings outfit. Try to go for a solid colored shirt when you wear these necklaces. The more vibrant and gawky they are the better!

Fall is here, but it won’t stay forever, so rock your new boots and fall shorts before the snow hits! Oh, and don’t forget to visit the lake again and again before it’s too cold to even bare going down to the flat rocks.

Happy fall <3

If you’re inspired by the looks in this article, check out these links for more fall ideas!

I am from a small town outside of Syracuse, New York. In high school, I ran Cross Country and track where I competed in the 100m hurdles, 4x1, 200m and many other events. I now attend SUNY Oswego and I am majoring in journalism and anthropology. I have recently added a minor in health science because of my passion for health and fitness. Last semester, I wrote a health and fitness blog for Her Campus Oswego. I currently work as a personal trainer on campus. I love readings, writing, skiing, running, and I am a major shop-aholic! KM <3
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