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Fall Fashion with Sebastian Garcia

Ever wonder what your male counterparts thought of this years fall fashion? I sat down with Sebastian Garcia, a SUNY Oswego student, to chat about what fall trends and styles he’s into. Our photo shoot illustrates his effortless and unique personal style, so maybe he will give you a style idea or two.

What is your name, age and major?

Sebastian Garcia, I’m 20, and I am a Business Administration major, and Health Science Minor.

Describe your sense of style.

I like to dress with purpose, not necessarily with what’s popular. I like clothing that’s stylish and functional. Streetwear is my favorite style. Like gym wear, comfort, baseball cap, dad hats, and cool glasses. My new thing is Adidas sneakers.

What are your favorite brands?

Supreme, Adidas, and Stussy because it’s not as similar to other clothing we see. I’m not into plain t-shirts. It has to have cool graphics, embroidered lettering, and good material.

What are some fall trends you like?

I like sherpa jackets for the design, they’re very warm, and good for the season. I like to pair them with a basic pair of black denim or dark blue. A good pair is very important.

What are some female trends that stand out?

For me, I like when girls wear baggy sweaters that are nice and cozy. It says their not trying too hard to look too made up and it shows that the person is interested in dressing comfortable. Girls who are creative with trying new hairstyles show individuality.

What are some female trends you don’t like?

Big hoop earrings are very played out and is a bit old-school. Nothing is wrong bringing back old trends, but it’s just that this one is a little weird. Wearing plain black leggings and jeans all the time, although comfortable, is getting old. Replace them with gym leggings that are colorful, they make a bold statement, and they have cool shapes and styles.

Who are your fashion icons?

I like the way that A$AP Rocky dresses. He uses a lot of high-end designer clothing and he always tries something different. He styles different brands together well. Kylie Jenner has good sense of style too. She’s always wearing the latest trends and makes things look good whether it’s baggy sweaters or jeans.

What does your fashion or sense of style say about you?

I like to adapt what I wear with the times. I don’t like to stay stagnant. I don’t hop on a trend but when new things come out I like to check it out and see if I like it. I enjoy fashion and trends, but I don’t just get what the celebs are getting. I stick to my own style and whatever I think looks good, and so should you.

Photos by Brittani Cunningham.

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