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August is coming to a wrap soon and there has been a flurry of new, hot K-dramas that have swept the front page on Netflix and other streaming services! The hottest one that has trended widely on TikTok, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, recently ended on August 16th. It is a 16-episode series, where each episode is an hour long. This show revolves around Woo Young-woo who is a 27-year-old lawyer who has autism. It depicts her struggles, quips from her surroundings, and how she overcomes them on a day-to-day basis. Alongside being autistic, Young-woo has an eidetic memory. This allows her to be a huge challenger in the courthouse because of the sheer amount of laws she has memorized to build strong arguments against her opponents. 

This show stars Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, and Joo Hyun-young who portray Young-woo, Jun-ho, and Geu-ra-mi, respectively. Eun-bin is a former child actress who started at 5 years old and starred in other dramas such as Hello, My Twenties, which shot her way up to being a top-tier celebrity, and Dream High. Tae-oh is a former K-pop idol and rose to stardom from his drama Run On. Hyun-young is a comedian and was known for her skits on SNL Korea before starring in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Watching this show, the viewers might think this will be a show similar to the ABC network series, The Good Doctor. However, it goes in-depth about how Young-woo struggles with her emotional insensitivity and how she has hyper-fixations on certain topics. It also shows how her surroundings and peers initially view her characteristics as odd or off-putting without understanding how her thought process works. Overall, the show is a deeper show than what is on the surface level by trying to portray neurodivergent people and how they work through their day with neurotypical peers.

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