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Where does my journey begin after college? What are my goals and aspirations? What does a life with me being content look like? These are the questions that I have begun to ask myself. Graduating from college will be a large accomplishment and I’m excited about it. But, it also comes with some hesitation and cold feet. 

All of my life, much of my success has been in an academic setting. I never played sports or really got into an extracurricular activity. Therefore, my achievements have been focused on getting good grades. Overall, working to excel in the classroom rather than anywhere else. It’s easy just to say, “I want to have a stable job and be happy” when asked about the future. Happiness looks different for everyone, and I’m hoping to figure out what that means for me. How will I achieve satisfaction outside of the classroom and in the workforce? How can I stand out from others while still achieving my goals? 

Stepping into any job or a new position in life creates a new elephant in the room. This obstacle can be classified as imposter syndrome. As someone who is a perfectionist, second-guessing myself is pretty easy. In the future, will I get a job and question if I am really qualified for it? Waiting for someone to pinch me in what may feel like a dream.

As you can see I’m left sitting here with all these questions about what’s next. The countdown to graduation and receiving that degree in my hands has started. Every tick on the clock represents the steps I take to solidify my future.

Elevation is the word that comes to mind, providing a sense of motivation. Elevating to the next level of life post-grad. Elevating my personal and everyday skills to become a better person. Elevating my mindset to expect the unexpected. Elevating from my past mistakes, in order to reach new heights. Time will tell where I end up in my career and all I can do is prepare for both the best and the worst. 

Hi My name is Jasmine Britt and I am a student at SUNY Oswego. I am majoring in Mass Communications and Broadcasting with a minor in Arts Management.