Dream It, Live It, Breathe It: Study Abroad

Where is your heart telling you to go? Now is the time to listen to what it’s telling you.

My name is Meghan Everett and I am a study abroad alumna and mentor right here on SUNY Oswego’s campus. Over the summer I completed a six week program through CAPA International Education in London, England where I took classes and interned in a physical therapy office.

Study abroad has blessed me with the opportunity to change my perspective on the world. It is a great way to see how people around the globe live. Studying abroad allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and let loose. My original intentions were to find and learn about new and fascinating things, which I did, but what I really found and learned about was myself.

I was able to meet people from all over the world, see things that I had only read about in textbooks, learn how people live their everyday lives, eat new foods, try new dances and practice new rituals. I immersed myself in the culture. I dreamed it, breathed it, and lived it.

I learned many valuable life lessons about being on my own, planning, traveling, and learning. My experience abroad went above and beyond my expectations and I even earned college credit along the way.

It is a great experience, no matter who you are or where you go! You will gain an experience of a life time, build your resume, have great networking opportunities, and make lifelong friends and memories.

Studying abroad opened my eyes up to the big, giant world out there. I am currently planning my next trip and am already excited for the one to come after that. To make the best out of your experience, start planning now.  Stop by your campus’ International Education office and ask about its programs. It is time to cross something off your bucket list and study abroad!

Here's a link to the programs that SUNY Oswego has to offer: