Choosing Art as a Holiday Gift

We’re halfway through November, so you know what that means. After Thanksgiving, the holiday season is upon us. It’s the perfect time for love, family, and quality time. Along with holiday music, green and red lights everywhere, and snow, comes the stress of giving gifts. Finding the perfect present for everyone in your life is cause for a lot of stress in people’s lives. So here’s my yearly reminder as to why you should shop locally and support your local artists. 

Etsy is home to so many great artists who commission a lot of their amazing art. Art is something that a lot of people can learn to appreciate and cherish for many years. Creators often make their living by selling their creations online. You can help by supporting them, and, in turn, receive amazing original paintings, drawings, or other artwork. That means no one else in the world will have one. This makes the art extra special to a lot of people. 

Instead of buying commercially created products that are sold in the millions, think about buying something original. Art can also be personal to you and the person you’re buying it for. I’ve seen many people advertise to create portraits of your animals for a certain price as gifts (I’m one of them!). Getting a portrait of your beloved animal is a great gift that anyone would love to receive.

With the variety of artwork that is out there, there is something that everyone can enjoy. Whether that’s a unique painting of a cow in a space helmet, or a minimalist canvas with a few select colors on it, you can find it somewhere, or even ask someone to commision it for you. 

Before you go out and buy a pointless gadget that could end up in the trash, filling the landfills, in the future, think about supporting artists in your area. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local artists and ask if they’re taking commissions. Nine times out of ten they’ll be more than happy to create exactly what you’re looking for. 


I’m going to take a moment to shout out my etsy shop that I just started, as well as an awesome artist who is also starting out and trying to get their Etsy up and running. Consider supporting us this holiday season! 

I just started this Etsy page where you can purchase already made paintings, or order a custom painting of your pet!! I also sell stickers that I made and had printed. I’ve included a picture of one of my most recent animal paintings, so feel free to check it out! 

 My Etsy Shop!!


My cousin, Jessica, also has an etsy where she sells her handmade scrunchies! She has a variety of different patterns up for sale. They really make great gifts for anyone so please consider checking her out. A picture of one of her awesome scrunchies is below as well. 

Jessica's Crafts!