Billy Eichner's Back on the Street

Billy Eichner’s widely loved and memed show, “Billy on the Street” is returning to a computer screen near you!



Billy Eichner is a comedian famously known for his roles on “Parks and Recreation”, “Difficult People” and his hit truTV show, “Billy on the Street”, a game show where he harasses the people of New York City. Eichner announced on Twitter Wednesday that the show would be coming back for eight segments on the show’s YouTube channel.


Why is this show so great? First of all, it stars Billy Eichner, one of the funniest comedians of our lifetime. He’s not afraid to run around the streets of New York City and scream at strangers to answer his absurd questions. One of the show’s more well-known segments is called “For a Dollar”, where Billy runs up to people and asks them questions, and if they answer them correctly, they win a dollar.



This show also has some really awesome guest stars! In his tweet announcing his return, Eichner named Lin Manuel-Miranda, Emma Stone and Kate McKinnon as just a few of the stars appearing on the newest season, with the promise of more to come. In the past, some of his most notable guest stars have included Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell and even Michelle Obama.



But you can’t talk about “Billy on the Street” without mentioning Elana. Elana was a former contestant on the show who was just so hilarious that she’s now appeared multiple times on the show. Elena is easily confused by Eichner so when you add in his over-the-top personality, you have a match made in comedy heaven.



If you need your BIlly fix now, the “Billy on the Street” YouTube channel has tons of old segments from the show, including the classics, “Lesbian Lightning Round” ( “Let’s go lesbians!”), “Christmas Carol Ambush with Amy Poehler!” and my personal favorite, “Do Gay People Care About John Oliver?”