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Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” Music Video is a Masterpiece

We all love and stan Ariana Grande at HCOZ and were dying as we waited for her “thank u, next” video to drop. We shared and analyzed all the sneak peeks she dropped. Now that the video is out, we can happily say that it lives up to all the hype.



Through the use of parody, Grande used her social media savvy to her advantage by creating a music video with her now iconic song “thank u, next”. She used scene stealer moments from notable 2000s teen movies like “Bring it On”, “Mean Girls”, “13 Going on 30” and “Legally Blonde” to really make this video stand out. The song itself is a positive reflection on her her exes and how her experiences with them helped her grow as a person.



So, here are some of our opinions on the video as a whole:


Fave Part:



Theresa: The effort of the video. Like Ariana looked like she was having the time of her life doing this video. She looked happy and full of life and I’m happy she found an outlet to put her energy into something great.

Mackenzie: I loved the whole concept she had. To parody four different iconic teen movies is no easy feat, and you can tell that she put a lot of effort into making everything look as accurate as possible.

Melissa: I’m basically just reiterating what Mackenzie and Theresa said, but it really is so refreshing to see Ariana channel her emotions into something creative. The concept of the music video is unlike anything else in pop culture right now. She did such a good job, and you can tell she worked really hard on making sure everything was perfect.

Katie: KRIS JENNER. While I loved the entire video and its vision, having Kris pop out as Regina George’s mom (played by Amy Poehler) and literally being her “you’re doing amazing sweetie” meme, was the best part of the 21st century so far. That was hilarious.


Worst Part:



Theresa: We didn’t get to see her “thank u, next” entry on Mac Miller. Maybe it was because it was too emotionally charged and she couldn’t do anything funny about it but I would have loved to see it. It would have been sweet. But like, on the other hand, Ariana put on Big Sean’s page that he could still get it. My girl knows what she’s about.

Mackenzie: I have never seen “Bring it On” (don’t crucify me), so while you could tell Ariana and her friends were having a blast, I didn’t really get any of that part.

Melissa: RT to what Theresa said. I wish she had shown some part of Mac Miller in the “thank u, next” burn book, though I understand she’s probably still mourning his death. She definitely could have mentioned him in some way other than the lyrics themselves, but that’s okay. We still love u, Ari.

Katie: The way Ariana was advertising the video on social media made me so HYPE and it made me think that the video was going to be a lot longer, which I was bummed to see was only around five and a half minutes long. While I loved the idea, the costumes and just the high level of the female empowerment this video emphasizes, I wished it could have had mini-scenes like the “Legally Blonde” one with the other movies.


What She Could Have Done Differently:



Theresa: I was under the impression based on the clues she put out on Twitter that it would be all “Mean Girls” based. Like, I was 100% ready for a whole music video for “Mean Girls” – Maybe even have Tina Fey just drop in there too, I dunno. She has the star power. So, I was slightly disappointed but not enough to hate the video. I also don’t know much about “13 Going on 30” so that was a moment that I was indifferent about but saw the value in it.

Mackenzie: I wish she had more “13 Going on 30” in the video! She looked so similar to Jennifer Garner and there was only one scene from that movie. I think she could have spent less time during the “Bring it On” section dancing on her bed with a pom pom to give other movies, or even other “Bring it On” scenes time to shine.

Melissa: Nothing. She’s a queen and I will worship the ground she walks on for the rest of my life.

Katie: I agree with Melissa. She’s a total queen and can do whatever she wants. However, I do wish there was a teeny bit more of “13 Going on 30” in the video, cause this movie is so great!


Fave Cameo:



Theresa: More like my favorite person she didn’t include lol. The lack of Victoria Justice in the video, but a good chunk of the cast being there was all I needed. I love a petty move.

Mackenzie: I have had a major crush on Matt Bennett ever since “Victorious”, and I was so happy to see him and Ariana back on the screen together!

Melissa: KRIS JENNER. Thank u, next, bitch.



Best Movie:



Theresa: Hands down “Mean Girls” but I won’t lie, “Bring it On” won me over. I love that franchise high key.

Mackenzie: I’m OBSESSED with “Legally Blonde” so I’ve got to give it to that movie. She was awesome as Elle Woods, and the bend and snap scene had me rolling in laughter.

Melissa: “Mean Girls” for sure. That’s one of my favorite movies from the 2000s, and Ariana looked absolutely gorgeous as Regina George.

Katie: “Mean Girls,” hands down. I love this movie and as Melissa said, Ariana truly looked so gorgeous as Regina George. I also liked that the video opened with different interviews of people about Ariana, just like in the actual “Mean Girls” movie.


If you haven’t seen the video yet, or want to watch it for the tenth time, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl1aHhXnN1k 

Mackenzie was the senior editor and Twitter manager for Her Campus Oswego. She was a double English and Journalism major at SUNY Oswego. She loves reading, video games, and a good cup of tea.
Theresa is the social media manager and section writer for Her Campus Oswego as well as a Chapter Advisor for HCHQ. Theresa is a senior double Public Relations and Global & International Studies major with a Political Science minor. She has a deep love for the environment and a big aspiration to travel the world and learn from as many cultures as I can. In her free time, Theresa looks up popular memes and updates herself on everything involving Donald Glover.
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