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Animated Foods That Have Always Made Me Hungry

Animated food just looks better than real food. I feel like I had such unrealistic expectations for food as a kid because of how tasty some cartoons made food looked. Here are some of the most delicious looking animated foods.

Pizza from Scooby Doo



Everyone always talks about the pizza from “A Goofy Movie”, but I’ve always wanted to eat the pizza in “Scooby Doo”. It looks like the perfect mix of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Why doesn’t pizza look like this in real life? I just want to eat this exact pizza.


Bueno Nacho from Kim Possible

Bueno Nacho is basically the ”Kim Possible” Taco Bell and I love Taco Bell. Does anyone else remember that old game on Disney Channel’s website where you would make the Bueno Nacho orders? That stuff looked DELICIOUS! And I’m dying to try one of Ron’s famous nachos.


Reptar Bars from Rugrats

Chocolate on the outside with green frosting on the inside, how could you go wrong? These were the ultimate desire when I was a kid. Guess what! This one is real! You can buy Reptar Bars at FYE and they come in a few different flavors. I’ve had them and trust me, they live up to the hype.


Anything from Studio Ghibli


All of the food looks amazing in every single Studio Ghibli movie. They do an awesome job at animating food that just looks irresistible. I have a special place in my heart for all the yummy treats in “Spirited Away” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.


Jawbreakers from Ed, Edd and Eddy

As a kid, I had no idea what a jawbreaker was. But Ed, Edd, and Eddy always wanted one, so I always wanted one. I figured jawbreakers had to be good if they spent the whole episode swindling anyone they could out of their money so they could get one.


Sandwiches from Scooby Doo


“Scooby Doo” makes this list twice because their food always looks so good. Shaggy’s sandwiches are piled high and he finishes them in one bite! They’ve got to be good.


Spaghetti and Meatballs from Lady and the Tramp

This scene is so iconic, and it’s all because of the food. This spaghetti and meatballs dish always looked perfect to me because it has the perfect spaghetti to sauce to meatball ratio.

And it birthed the ultimate romantic moment of eating the same noodle until you kiss. Just saying, Lady and the Tramp wouldn’t have kissed if they were eating rigatoni.


Mackenzie was the senior editor and Twitter manager for Her Campus Oswego. She was a double English and Journalism major at SUNY Oswego. She loves reading, video games, and a good cup of tea.
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