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Amazon Items Under $50 that Transformed My Dorm Room

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of interior design and decor. This year, I really wanted to revamp my dorm room and create a cozy aesthetic space for my friends and I to hang out. And let me tell you, I love all the decor I bought! I went with a boho theme, incorporating pops of tan, pink, navy, and white. Although my room is boho, many of these items can work with any theme! Just thought I’d share my top picks with you (in no particular order, of course).


One of my favorite pieces I got for my room was these shelves. They provide a cute space to hang other fun decor pieces and they make the room MUCH more homey. Not to mention, the amazing durability, they’re lightweight and can hang on command strip hooks without falling, and are only $9.50 a shelf. Click here for the link!

Succulent Trio

This is also probably one of my favorites on this list. It’s the perfect decoration to place on top of your bland dorm room desk and to add a pop of nature to the room. It comes packaged very well to prevent any damage, the entire piece is outstanding quality and the succulents look extremely real. It is a little pricey at the $34.99 listing price, but personally, I think it’s worth it. Click here for the link!

Succulent Pillow

One thing I’ve learned with interior design is that you can never have too many pillows. This succulent pillow adds the perfect pop of nature to any dorm room and is very soft and comfortable despite its uncomfortable-looking design. If you have $14 to spare, I highly recommend getting this. Although I also recommend looking for discounts, as this item is frequently on sale. Click here for the link!

Flower Pillow

Decorative pillows made it twice on this list, because they just add an extra cozy touch to the room while also adding to the theme. This flower pillow does just the job of tying together my color scheme and boho room theme together. It’s the item I have received the most compliments on so far from friends as well! Drop that $16, you will not regret it. Click here for the link!

Boho Vase

When you look up boho on Pinterest, you will find this exact vase in almost every photo. Despite its “basicness”, it was the perfect accent piece to put on my desk, and it really brings my boho theme to life. For $11.99, this vase is very good quality and completely alters the feel of the room. Click here for the link!

Ocean light

This is another one of the items on this list in my top 3. This light is super bright and mesmerizing to watch. It is perfect for a laid-back hangout sesh with friends, a movie night with your significant other, or even a mini dorm party. It even plays calming music if you’d like to use it to sleep! The possibilities are endless for only $26.99. Click here for the link!

Grass Squares 

Is your dorm desk making your room so bland and ugly? These grass squares are the perfect cover-up and can liven up any dull, boring desk. I paired this with a cute white neon sign that says “slay” on my desk. It was hard to install, but the trouble was totally worth it and now I have the most aesthetically pleasing desk I’ve ever seen. They are $4 a piece on Amazon (sold in packs of 10), but you can also find these for cheaper at Target and most craft stores. Click here for the link!

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