To All The Boys Who Have Wasted My Time

So I bet you’re wondering why I’ve called you to this imaginary board meeting. Well, it’s all actually quite simple; you stopped caring. See, boys think they’re so entitled once they figure out that a nice girl actually has feelings for them. It’s almost like after they’ve surpassed the awkward phase of getting to know us they just decide half way that they’d prefer to switch into Fuckboy Mode.

Personally, I don’t understand how someone can just wiggle their way into somebody’s life and then just ghost them. The Fuckboy Mode and Ghost Mode are probably the two most dangerous duos to exist in the world of dating and they will tag team their way into any girl’s heart. Ladies, I know that we’ve all seen it: the constant flow of texts and snaps until those snaps become virtually non-existent. Then there comes the day that it hits you, the fact that you’re redoing your makeup, and trying to find the perfect reply for someone who sends you pictures of 10 percent of their face, hours after receiving your snap.  Now I know you’re thinking: “how did I waste your time?” Well, the truth is you actually wasted my emotional time, all the time I could’ve used to better myself, see friends and stay care-free without all this drama. All of that is gone because I chose to surround myself with a guy who didn’t care about me. And if you did care, you wouldn’t have asked to have this conversation, you wouldn’t have worn me down until all I could do was blame myself. I have to live with the fact that I have another failed relationship under my belt, constantly wondering what I could’ve done better. What hurts the most is that I’ll always question if you ever cared about me or the relationship to begin with. And that’s my PSA.