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A Fun Fall Weekend in Syracuse, New York

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Oh, how I love autumn. The brilliant colors, the weather, and the smells. There is just something about fall that makes me feel so motivated and optimistic, yet so calm and cozy at the same time. Whether it is curling up in a blanket to watch You’ve Got Mail, or discovering a new pumpkin patch, autumn is the perfect time to explore not only yourself, but the beautiful world around you. 

When it comes to fall, Syracuse has so much to offer. Although it is impossible to choose only a few activities to do this fall in Central New York, this selection is guaranteed to satisfy your seasonal desires.  

Apple Everything at Navarino Orchard

Nestled within the beautiful mountains and colorful trees lies this picturesque orchard. Not only do they have endless rows of apple trees and a gift shop filled with yummy goodies, but they make the most delicious apple fritters. Warm, gooey, cinnamon sugar-y, autumn goodness. My personal favorite is the apple fritter sundae: a perfect mix of hot and cold with a fall twist. No matter what your fall outings include, Navarino Orchard is a must. And don’t forget to say hello to their gorgeous golden retrievers!

Cozy Up at a Cute Café

The ambience of café lighting, the cute decor hanging on the walls with hints of fall accented throughout, and a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee is a recipe for the most perfect autumn afternoon. Syracuse has an array of small, quaint coffee shops that exhibit the best atmosphere for fall, while also serving delicious coffee. Café Kubal, Café Blue, and Rise and Grind Café are just a select few of the many shops ready for fall-loving customers. 

Green Lakes Hike

For those that have experienced Upstate New York at peak foliage, then you know the considerable extent to which Mother Nature exhibits her beauty. Even though anyone can marvel at the changing colors amongst the trees simply with a drive through rural country, Green Lakes State Park is the perfect place to be. The brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows that cover the hills surrounding the lake, are mirrored in the green and blue hues of the water. Take an immersive stroll around the lake, or simply pack a lunch to sit and admire all Green Lakes has to offer. 

Quick Trip to Trader Joe’s

While this may sound like something you could do on any other day, there is nothing ordinary about Trader Joe’s during fall. As the first cool breeze wisps its way through Upstate New York, Trader Joe’s goes into full autumn mode. Spicy scents and pumpkins of all sizes and colors greet you upon your arrival, but that’s just the beginning. From pumpkin bagels and apple cider donuts, to butternut squash mac & cheese and fall leaf tortilla chips, this beloved grocery store makes for a perfect quick visit during a fall weekend. 

Pumpkin Picking at The Pumpkin Hollow

Every fall in Syracuse brings cooler weather, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin everything. While you may get your pumpkin spice gratification through a latté or a candle, there is nothing better than bringing home the best pumpkin in the patch. At Pumpkin Hollow, you can venture out into the fields, or choose among the already picked pumpkins at your disposal. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to say hello to the farm animals and bring them a yummy treat!

No matter what your glorious fall weekend entails, I know it will involve the most fun, fall-filled activities. You deserve all the calm, cozy, heart-warming delights of autumn in Syracuse.

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